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Month: October 2015

Patience Means Peace: 21 Inspiring Quotes to Awaken Your Serenity

Patience Means Peace (Ocean)

Patience may not sound sexy, fun, or trendy, but this powerful quality can bring about the most profound inner peace.

Imagine what it would feel like to be imperturbable.   Envision yourself with a serene heart that meets chaos with understanding.  This would be the outcome of cultivating patience.

Patience may seem impossible at first.  Let’s face it, the twists and turns of modern life can, at times, confound even strong souls.

But every moment of patience rewards you with a moment of peace.  Keep with it and like a tumble weed, your sense of humor, space, and ease will expand exponentially until finally very little disturbs you at all.

Here are some of my favorite quotes to help you (and me) nourish patience and all its marvelous companion qualities too.

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6 Signs Overwhelm Is Taking Over and How to Reclaim Your Inner Calm

How to Reclaim Your Inner Calm

I’m delighted to share a guest post today by Liz Smith from the Connected Life.

When I rewind back several years, I was one of many doing the juggle between raising a young family, running a business, dealing with ill health and all that life throws at you. Amidst the daily goings on of life, there were moments when I felt that I was surely going to buckle under the pressure of it all. As a quiet introvert, I never intended to lead a frantic life, yet somewhere between newborn babies and an ambitious brain that just wouldn’t quit, I found myself knee deep in overwhelm.

My story is not unique, in fact I know it’s a sad re-account of countless women and men everywhere, all pushing and striving just to get through the day. When you examine the truth of it, most of us know the current pace of life is not working, yet the idea of slowing down appears more frightening than our frantic attempts to keep up.

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How to Set Your Love Free 365 Days a Year

Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges

As you might remember, my guiding word for the year is “love.”  I sure wish I had access to Tiny Buddha’s 365 Tiny Love Challenges from day one of this year!

Lori Deschene’s brand new book provides the perfect antidote to the digital age, when so many people leave their time on social media feeling empty, inadequate, disconnected, and depressed.

What’s the answer?  Love!  Love for yourself.  Love for others.

That might sound frivolous, but love is not an unnecessary luxury. Giving and receiving love is essential to your well-being.  In fact, research shows a sense of connection can benefit your health, happiness, and ability to respond to stress effectively.

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How to Take the Stress Out of Deadlines

How to Take Stress Out of Deadlines

Do you dread deadlines like I do?

Deadlines were never an issue for me during my earlier years.  I did whatever it took, even if it meant working during the evening hours, putting time in on the weekend, or staying up all night.

You could say obsession characterized my working style melded with the notion that I and only I held responsibility for everything.

No wonder I burned out!

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