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Great Links for a Good Life {Summer Edition}

Great Links Good Life

Welcome to my personal selection of exceptional posts from around the web, inspiring resources to help you live the best possible life, and (sometimes) a good book or two.  This edition spans across the summer.  Enjoy!

Exceptional Articles & Resources

What I’m Reading

I’ve almost finished  Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra {affiliate link}.  I felt mesmerized, inspired, and enlightened by this book. Step-by-step, Chopra shows how the capacity of the mind to heal the body lies far beyond whatever we might image.  He draws on science to back up his propositions as well as real-life case studies. 

To share a personal antidote along these lines, my eye doctor recently discovered that my far sightedness has improved dramatically. This underscores, in my mind, how fluid the body can be.  The mind-body connection seems undeniable.  Let’s try to use it to its full potential.

Spaciousness and Summer

I’ve enjoyed scaling back for part of the summer to relax, rejuvenate, and recalibrate.

Two hurricanes tried to interrupt my peace in August, but fortunately they passed by the island with little impact aside from a ton of rain.  Then a brute force attack on one of my websites, which also took down Always Well Within for part of a day, tested my metal.  I did stress a bit, I’m not perfect yet, but I also recognized that stressing doesn’t help whatsoever.

All in and all, I’ve allowed for more spaciousness, which always seeds so many important insights for me. More on that in my next post.  You’ll see more articles from me after Labor Day too.

How has your summer unfolded?  I would love to hear.

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  1. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for compiling such awesome resources that make life a bit easier and lighter.

    I appreciate you taking the time to share the gold mines.

    Have a beautiful day!


    • You’re welcome, Luna! These have been my favorite articles from the summer and it’s a joy to share them. Be well!

  2. I can’t wait to dig into all the deliciousness on your list. Thank you for taking the time to put it together. My summer unfolded with an outpouring of poetry and leisure time spent with my furbaby. 🙂

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