Soloprenuer Stress

If you’re a struggling and stressed solopreneur, I want you to know that overwhelm, overload, and over-stressed doesn’t have to be your modus operandi.

You can become so numb to stress that it begins to seem normal so you just keep going.  Sound familiar?  But gradually, chronic stress can diminish your joy, test your relationships, and erode away your health.

Although stress is not a disease itself, it is considered the #1 operative killer today. According to the American Medical Association, stress is at the root of more than 60% of all illness and disease.

Not good, right?

So how can you turnaround your stress response?  I invited 6 successful women who I admire – my own mentors, colleagues, and friends – to share their personal stress stories and anti-stress tips with you.  Since every one of them is so amazing yet so unique, I’m sure one or more of their stories and solutions will resonate for you.

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