Mindful Exercise (Woman Jogging)

I’m delighted to share a guest post today from Jacki Hayes.

Walk into any gym and you see a host of folks wearing earbuds and getting sweaty, each person approaching exercise as a time to struggle through and/or to zone out.

Adding a practice of mindfulness to your workouts not only takes the dread out of exercise, but increases your connection to your body and the wisdom it has to offer.

Like many who run, I look forward to a nice jog on a sunny afternoon because it is often the one time I get to switch off my brain and just move. I grab my phone, turn on my tunes, and head for the trail. I pace my steps to the beat of the music and let my mind wander aimlessly for the next half hour or more.

There are days, when this state of mindlessness is just what I need. But that mindlessness also means a disconnection from the motion and movement of my body, her sensations and queues, and quite honestly, the hazards exercise can present.

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