Awaken Love - Yellow Tulip

A few months ago, I attended a celebratory gathering of friends that buzzed with delectable food, aromatic teas, and live music featuring guitar, ukelele, tapas, harmonium, and djembe.

Midway through the  evening, a Hawaiian kumu (teacher), adorned with waist-length gray hair and a colorful tunic, suddenly appeared. As her tiny feet took the floor to speak, the man next to me whispered,  “This is going to be a $1,000 presentation.”

Yes, the kumu’s words made a positive impression on me.  But, it was the mesmerizing movements of her hula dance that split open my heart.

As my tears tumbled, the world expanded.  I felt an uncontainable love as the magical life force of sacred, old style hula (hula kahiko) touched and opened me in unspeakable ways.

In that moment, I knew “love” would be my guiding word for 2015.

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