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Great Links for a Good Life * Feb 2015

Great Links for a Good Life - Wild Flowers

Welcome to my occasional collection of exceptional posts from around the web, inspiring resources to help you live the best possible life, and sometimes a book or two.  Enjoy!

I hope you find something here that sweetens your day and enhances your life! I would love to hear which articles resonated for you.  Be happy, be well!  With love, Sandra

P. S.  And, if you have a moment, please share the goodness on your favorite social media site.  Thanks!


Plagued by the Past? How to Let Go.


How to Awaken Love for Yourself and Others


  1. Sandra! Thank you so much for sharing my course! That’s so lovely of you. <3 Plus, I now have an awful lot of tabs open. 😉 Lots of interesting reading here!

    • You’re so welcome, Tara! I like to share really good posts. I hope you enjoy them and don’t get too distracted. Here’s a big hug!

  2. Hi Sandra, I know I’ve hit the sweet spot when I get listed in one of your round up posts! Thank you. And I always find some thought-provoking or useful reads in them too.

  3. Sandra-

    Thanks so much for including me in your list for February. I can’t wait to read the other articles. You know how much I respect you and your writing so being a part of this group is a privilege. With gratitude- Fran

    • I feel the same way about you, Fran! I respect your writing and your encouragement to “dig deep.” And this post was special indeed. I’m not keen on lipstick myself, but a huge fan of kindness. Thanks for your appreciation.

  4. Lei Lani Lucero

    Thank you again for a very powerful list. I look forward to reading and learning from the people you recommend, and have already added two new sources for inspiration to my email inbox!
    The quiet beauty of ordinary days really struck a chord with me. I spend my weekends away from home and work, with the love of my life, just ‘being’, and the quiet of our ordinary days together rejuvenates me, and allows me to take the time to be sure that I am still ‘okay’ with me, and my thoughts. It took a while for me to convince him that we didn’t need to plan things, experiences, dinners, etc. when I would come by, that I was just looking forward to ‘hanging out’ with him.
    I have tried to re-create the quiet and calm in my home, and at work, and it a work in process. I am a work in process, and loving most moments of this process!
    Thank you again, Sandra.

    • Hello Lei Lani,
      It’s so inspiring to hear how you spend your time away on the weekends with the love of your life just being and how much that rejuvenates you. I love the way you hang out and allow things to unfold without too much planning!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying some of these posts I’ve shared. I try to select special ones that really hold meaning and inspiration.

      I think we are all a work in process! It’s great to hear you’re enjoy the process. Why not!
      Thanks for sharing your words of appreciation. It means a lot to me.

  5. Thanks Sandra for including a link to my ‘Heart Sisters’ post, Heart Disease Is a Sitting Disease (and also for leaving a comment in response to this week’s post, “Born To Walk”) As you know, both posts included excerpts from Dr. James Beckerman’s wonderful book “Heart To Start” – which I cannot recommend highly enough, both for those living with a heart condition as well as those who hope NEVER to be.
    kind regards,

    • You’re so welcome! I love your posts, Carolyn. Heart disease runs in my family, so I want to stay on top of this. You make it easy to do that. I’m interested in that book too. Now, I’d better get up!

  6. Hi Sandra,

    Thank you so much for including my article in this round-up. Like Annabel, I know I’ve hit the ‘sweet spot’ when something I’e written has resonated well with you.

    I enjoyed each article here. I love Laura Simm’s energy and work, so I greatly enjoyed her interview. The phrase ‘holistic fitness’ drew me right in and was interesting to read about. Manal’s writing always inspires me and “Who do You Want to Be” spoke right to my heart (and affirms my way of being). And I love painting, so I went straight to “Abstractify” to check it out (and ended up subscribing to Tara’s site.

  7. Awesome list! I especially liked the last one : Living with Ease: The Mindful Way to Dissolve Stress!

    Thanks to you for putting these together, and for all the people that actually wrote them!

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