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Month: January 2015

The Tiny Guide to Overcoming Everyday Obsessions

Red Rock Canyon Obsessions

I obsess at times.  Do you?

Let’s clarify what obsession means:

An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.  [Google]

I don’t mean obsessive-compulsive disorder.  I just mean those itsy-bitsy, everyday obsessions that take you off-track until you suddenly wake up once again and think, “What?”

Obsession makes me spin my wheels, lose precious time, and stress too much.  One of my important goals for the year is to recognize when I’m in a state of obsession and let go.   I’m intent on releasing these ruling tendencies, bit-by-bit.

Here’s my challenge and my plan.

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11 Awesome Steps to Become Fearless and Powerful

Bridge to Ocean - Courage

Note:  This is a guest post from the unstoppable Tess Marshall from The Bold Life.

When we’re paralyzed by fear, we’re unable to do what needs to be done. We hesitate and procrastinate. We drag our feet and waste our time.

Without action, fear quickly spirals out of control.

We fear beginning relationships and we fear ending them. We fear quitting jobs and we fear starting new ones. We fear gaining weight and we fear losing it. We fear staying stuck and we fear moving forward.

If we’re not careful, we can quickly fall into living a life of dread, in which we fear everything and anything.

It’s all in our minds: the fear and the reasons why we don’t move forward. It’s in our thoughts, our beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves.

The best thing about this is that we not only have the power, but endless opportunities to change everything.

Unless we change things, we feel anxious and on-edge. Our hearts ache and our souls cry because we live lives without purpose and meaning. We delay our sense of calm and happiness, as a life without regrets slips away from us.

It’s time.

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My 16 Zen Work Habits

Plum Blossoms - Zen Work Habits

“The single most important change you can make in your working habits is to switch to creative work first, reactive work second. This means blocking off a large chunk of time every day for creative work on your own priorities, with the phone and e-mail off.” – Mark McGuinness

Your success or failure in work and life depends upon your daily habits.  It’s that simple!

If you allow bad habits to rule your life, it will be difficult and maybe even impossible to manifest your dreams.

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7 Simple Stress Tips to Reclaim Your Calm

7 Simple Stress Tips to Reclaim Your Calm

It’s easy to let stress get out of control, isn’t it?  Our culture rewards busyness, having too much on your plate, and constant presence – on or offline.

In the last few months alone, several friends have confessed to exhaustion.  Early warning signs appeared, but were brushed aside in order to do more.  The questioning inner voice was hushed up in order to keep going.

Does that sound familiar?

This can happen to almost anyone because it’s challenging to say no to all the external demands.  And your own inner pusher may want you to stay the course no matter what.

But once you reach the level of fatigue, you often need supreme self-care and a considerable chunk of downtime in order to recover.  It could take months.  And, if stress has tipped you over into a serious health condition, it could take years.

So why not aim for a balanced life, right now?

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Living with Ease: What Does It Really Mean?

Beach - Living with Ease

“Ego says, ‘Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.’ Spirit says, ‘Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.'” –  Marianne Williamson

Living with ease doesn’t mean sleeping late every day, becoming a beach bum, or forgetting your responsibilities.  Although these may be helpful short term practices to balance over-exertion.

In essence, living with ease requires a delicate balance that includes both relaxation and alertness.  If you’re over-relaxed on a regular basis you’ll slump into sleepiness or inertia.  If you’re too alert, you’ll feel wound up and ready to snap.

“When we are relaxed and happy, there is a gentle rhythm back and forth between the two branches [of the nervous system], undulating between automatic charge and discharge, and between arousal and relaxation.  This gentle rhythm gives us a sense of well-being and success in managing our lives.” – Gina Ross, Beyond the Trauma Vortex, Into the Healing Vortex.

Every individual varies in terms of the amount of stimulation he or she needs, wants, or can tolerate.  The same goes for relaxation.  Living with ease means finding your own sweet spot, which blends a good mix of serenity with a sense of being awake in the world.

Have you found the right balance for you?

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