Shine New Year Workbook

(Updated for 2016)

I’m having a kick filling out the Create Your Shining Year Workbook (partner link).

I love choosing one powerful word as my guiding star for each year.  But, I’ve slacked off when it comes to creating goals and staying accountable to them.

To rectify that, I bought the Shining Year Workbook, Biz Version.  I made the right decision!  I love it.

Yes, the workbook is artsy, colorful, and fun.  But, equally important, it asks all the right questions so you can take your business (or your life if you choose that format) to the next level.

According to Leonie Dawson, who created the workbook:

  • “80% of people have no goals.”
  • “10% of people think of goals, but do not write them down.”
  • “Just 4% of the population write their goals down.”
  • “Just 1% of the population write down their goals and regularly review them.  And that 1% are among the highest achieving people in the population!”

Interesting, don’t you think?  I more or less fall into the 10% category.  But I’m changing that as I move into the new year by using Leonie’s workbook.

Print or E-Book Version:  Your Choice

I selected the e-book version, which can be used on a computer or i-Pad or you can print it out.  I spend too much time on the computer, so I wanted to try out the workbook on my i-Pad.

Here’s my little secret:  I wanted to relax on my bed or on the deck, let creative ideas spill, and fill out my planner bit-by-bit so I love having it on my i-Pad.   Why make the process too serious or too hard?

Gain More Confidence with Clearly Defined Goals

Using this workbook has increased my confidence.  It’s given me a template for creating a step-by-step plan plus a method of accountability.  It’s also encouraged me to look at my habits and whether they are actually serving me well.  I love the wild and wooly parts too.

If you want to chart out 2015 in a relaxed, fun, and effective way, check out the Create Your Shining Year Workbook and Calendar (life or biz version or both) and see if it’s for you.

It’s not expensive at all.  I feel – at least for me – it’s so worth the cost.  And a portion of every sale goes to charity, supporting programs like Kiva, Doctors Without Borders, and others.

As you know, I’m very selective about recommending products.  I only suggest items that I truly love and believe in.  If you decide to use one of the links here and purchase the Planner, I’ll receive a small commission.  That’s a wonderful way you can support my writing on Always Well Within.  Thank you in advance!

If you decide to get one or both of the Shining Year Workbooks, I hope you’ll enjoy working with them as much as I have!

I’m so happy you are here!  Let me know if there’s anything special you would like me to write about.  And thank you so much for sharing my posts.   If you’re new, please subscribe for free updates by email.  With love, Sandra