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Welcome to my monthly (or so) collection of exceptional posts from around the web, a good book or two, and practical resources to help you live the best possible life.  Enjoy!

Exceptional Articles and Books

I’m reading:

I hope you find a link in this list that resonates for you and makes a difference in your life.  I would love to hear what called you!

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How Do You Really Spend Your Precious Time?


  1. Sandra, please stop doing this. My reading list is already as long as my arm and now I’m introduced to some more ‘must haves’.

    Truth be told I’m always willing to immerse myself in material that evolves my being…so I am grateful for this. Honest! 🙂

    • It was hard this time to stop this time, Elle. I had to restrain myself from adding another article. I try to limit the list to 10 so it’s not too overwhelming.

      I know you’re teasing and you’re grateful! Enjoy what calls to you.

  2. I agree with Elle’s comment above! I just cleared out all my inboxes of the stuff I save to read later.

    However, on the other hand, I’m honored that you included my blog on the list. 🙂

    Many thanks!

    • I completely understand, Debbie! You have a good method in place if you clean our your inbox of stuff to read regularly. I admire that! Fortunately, I only do this once and month and share helpful and exceptional articles like yours. 🙂

  3. Thanks Sandra,
    You have reminded me that i still have Fran’s book to finish and the Create a sanctuary I have bookmarked to come back to. 🙂

    • Wonderful! I like to be a good reminder fairy. 🙂 I’m happily moving through Fran’s book and am looking forward to also going through Create Sanctuary slowly.

  4. Hey Sandra,

    Wow–terrific list! I clicked over to Time Management for Right-Brained people because I constantly struggle with multi-tasking and feelings of overwhelm.

    The article includes a fabulous tip: A task isn’t considered a to-do until it’s scheduled. Wow!

    I’ve worked with Tess Marshall’s MIT structure (Most Important Things) for several weeks now and find writing down three MITs for each day effective. The problem is there is so much more than three things to do in one day. Now I know to schedule the three things and then draw a line across the page or app. Anything below the line is an idea, reminder or thought about something else that hasn’t made it to the MIT list yet.

    Brilliant! Never would have seen it if you hadn’t put this list together!

    • That is terrific, Beth! We need all the help we can get in the crazy, fast-paced modern world to be effective and efficient while staying calm and not losing our heart. I’m so happy you found what you need here. Thanks so much for sharing the MITs tip with us too. That’s so helpful to know!

  5. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and intention in creating this list! What speaks directly to my heart is Susannah Conway’s “On Wholeness and Loving Ourselves Realistically”. I love Susannah’s energy and message but this article must have slipped past me in my in-box. I am so glad that I read it today! Thank you for the nudge!

    I also just connected with Tania Wojciechowski yesterday as we are both instructors in a mutual friends online school. To see her name twice in one 24-hour period feels like a sign to get to know her – so I just signed up for her free gift. I love the idea of creating sanctuary – I use the concept of a sacred container in my life, so this will be wonderful to read and explore.

    • Hi Joy,

      I love “seeing” you! I thought that was an especially good article from Susannah Conway. And, I’m in love with Tania’s beautiful little guide on Creating Sanctuary. I love the synchronicity here! And, I appreciate how you see and heed the signs!!! Much love to you.

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