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Good Links for a Good Life: From Creativity to Cancer

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Welcome to my monthly (or so) collection of exceptional posts from around the web, a good book or two, and practical resources to help you live the best possible life.  Enjoy!

I’m away on a digital break until August 15th or thereabouts.  There will be an uninterrupted flow of posts here – one every Sunday – while I’m away so stay tuned.  And you can grab my e-course, Living with Ease:  30 Days to Less Stress, anytime.

I’m grateful for your time and attention.  If you have a moment, please help me reach others by sharing this post.  If you’re new, please consider subscribing for free updates by email.  With love, Sandra


Is It Time for a Digital Break?


Déja Vu: On Self Care


  1. Sandra, I am beyond honored that you included a link to my article on Vanquishing Fear. Thank you so very much! I can’t wait to read the other articles you recommend!!


  2. Sandra,

    I immediately read Zoketsu Normal Fisher’s Baccalaureate Address and loved every word of it. Thanks for sharing and including mine!

  3. Hi Sandra,

    Thank you for featuring one of my posts and lots of other great reading for me to explore. I’m always looking for good reads! Enjoy your digi break. I think we could all use one 🙂

  4. Ron Nilson

    Sandra – Thank you for sharing this wealth of information.

  5. Sandra,

    Great list of links. I was instantly drawn to “Where are the other Earths,” and I can honestly say it was one of the most interesting reads this year. Thanks.

  6. Hi Sandra
    I find this quite a unique idea.Pitting out a list of useful posts.
    I just went through ” How Long Should It Take You to Write an Epic Post? “…..For the record there is interesting stuff there about putting out excellent posts.
    Here’s a snippet of what I captured from that post at WRITETODONE, and I quote:
    “The longest I’ve ever spent on a post was about three months, and it took six drafts from me and a few extra ones from one of my copywriters. It was intense.
    Typically, the average time is significantly lower – most say that writing a quality post might take 3 to 5 hours of rewrites, not all of them at once. They’ll write a draft one evening, revisit it the next day, and then again the day after that.”

    Thanks for the link

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