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Good Links for a Good Life: From Clarity to Mystical Adventures

Fearless in Tibet - Terton Sogyal

Welcome to my monthly selection of exceptional posts from around the web, plus a good book or two and helpful resources to help you live the best possible life.  Enjoy!

Exceptional Blog Posts

Fearless in Tibet

Fearless in Tibet, The Life of the Mystic Terton Sogyal – by my friend Matteo Pistono – focuses sharply on the strained political system in the 19th and early 20th century Tibet, and Terton Sogyal’s determined spiritual efforts to bring about peace in a time and place ripped by turmoil.

Fearless In Tibet is also a spiritual primer on sustaining kindness and clarity amidst conflict, uncertainty, and change culled from an extraordinary and sometimes almost unbelievable life of spiritual accomplishment.

The life of a mystic is not necessarily an easy one, I learned through these pages.  Such rarefied perception requires a willingness to let the mind be in solitude for stretches of time, a possibility that usually gives rise to primal fear in the average, busy person.

Mystics are not magically protected from obstacles and challenges either. In Terton Sogyal’s life, they arose in the form of illness as well as ill-intentioned people bent on sabotage.  His determination against all odds shows us how, when perceived as an opportunity, challenges can strengthen our clarity, confidence, and faith.

Pistono, the author, undertook his own fascinating spiritual odyssey and spent many years traveling and and taking untold risks in modern-day Tibet, in part to research and prepare this compelling biography.  The wisdom contained in this volume, his second Tibetan epic, prepare us well for living in our own tumultuous times.

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I hope you find something special in these links, something that makes a difference in your life!  I would love to hear which links you followed and enjoyed the most!  Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Thank you so much for including my article in your round up! I’m off to check out all the other awesome links you included!

    • You’re so welcome, Peggy. You made a courageous decision and I’m sure many others will be inspired by you.

  2. Darling Sandra,
    I always always find something special in your monthly exceptional posts section.
    This collection has it all literally! I cant wait to dig in and soak all the goodness you have shared here.
    Plus new course! woohoo! I need to take lessons from you on how to create those amazing ecourses.
    Lots of love,

    • Dear Zeenat,

      I’m glad you love these links. I think this month is pretty special too.

      You always put your heart and soul into things so I think you could make a perfect course easily. Making a good course takes a bit of time though so that can be one tiny challenge.

      Much love to you, dear one!

  3. Jean Sampson

    EVERYTHING grabbed me as I looked through this list! I was particularly snagged by the one about letting go of everything that is not good for us! I am letting go of sugar (actually it is DONE and was easy—-probably a combination of a REAL decision with no doors or windows to crawl back into :). I am working on letting go of most grains (trying to heal allergies and asthma, all forms of inflammation) and I might see, after that, if anything else needs to go 🙂 I have replace all of that with Kefir water and Kombucha and am doing many things to restore and rebalance my intestinal flora. That is, according to everything I am reading, the key to good health. So I am eating fermented foods (sort of like medicine since I am not a big fan, but do remember, as I am eating them, that they are healing me. Mercy, I DO go on:) Anyway, Sandra, I will definitely explore this incredible list!! Thank you!

    • Dear Jean,

      Letting go of sugar and grains is huge. I love the way you say it’s DONE! I’m so excited for you.

      I’m keen on finding ways to reduce inflammation too and grains don’t work for me at all. But, I can’t eat fermented foods due to their histamine levels so I won’t go that route. It’s interesting that you are not a big fan of them. I’ve had an aversion to them since I was a kid like my body and being knew they didn’t work for me. You have a good attitude toward eating them since they are not your favorite!

      I feel like this is a special list too. I’m glad it appeals to you. Enjoy!

  4. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for sharing wonderful articles! I like your taste…a mixture of all that is required for a perfect day!

    Top on my list of liking are: When you publish a book and
    What we can’t control.
    What matters most also makes a good and fast reading…I like the literary style of this writer. Some of them are heavy reading and I just scanned through them. When I have to force myself, I quit reading…whether it is a book or an article, so I loved reading I Quit too!! and liked all the reasons.

    • Thanks for sharing your favorites, Balroop. That’s interesting feedback for writers and bloggers to keep in mind. Our time is limited so it seems naturally we’ll keep reading when something truly resonates for us and it’s not a push.

  5. Another fine list. Thanking for sifting through the dross of the Internet to find the gold for us, Sandra!

    • My pleasure, Maia. I felt enriched by these articles myself. I think you would really like the one on quitting as it relates to your course and coaching creating work that you love.

  6. Great links Sandra, some new blogs for me and re-acquaintance with a few others Love Steven Pressfield and appropriate for me right now.
    Fearless in Tibet sounds insightful too

    • Glad you like them! I need to be reminded again and again to let go of outcomes and I’m so grateful to Steven Pressfield for that. Much love to you, Suzie.

  7. Hi Sandra
    Thanks for the great links.I liked the one on writing three good things daily to live stronger and longer.
    How’s it that all stuff on mysticism is sooo attractive and pulls us out of ourselves.Thanks for introducing something about the book Fearless In Tibet.

    • Mona,

      I love the posts on Sources of Insight. They are always so helpful.

      Good point about mysticism! I think many of us are so desperate for a different experience of our life. I think we confuse mystical experience for enlightenment when it’s only one of the powers one might acquire through meditation practice. But, it’s not the
      ultimate goal. I think it’s good to be very careful about seeking or clinging to experiences. Thanks for bringing that up!

  8. Excellent round-up, Sandra. Thanks for the shout out! And of course, since reading about Alexandra David-Neel, I’m fascinated by the 19th c. Tibet. Will definitely check out your friend’s book.

    • Hi Debra,

      You’re very welcome. I love your posts, they are so well done and you’re an excellent writer. It was interesting to see through reading Matteo’s book that some believe Tibet was ultimately lost to the Chinese due to the dominance of greed and self-interest in the political and spiritual systems of the country. Of course, there was purity too, but not enough to tip the balance.

  9. Thank you so much for including my post Sandra! Can’t wait to dig in to these other links you shared.

  10. Love this compilation Sandra – and Fearless in Tibet is next on my list…so a great big thanks to you.

  11. As usual, so much important stuff in this post! I will really enjoy following those links. Thank you! 🙂

  12. Hi Sandra,

    Awesome list! Thank you for taking the time to share all of these gems with all of us. Steven Pressfield is one of my favorites and it is always a joy to discover a new book that he has written. And congratulations on the upcoming launch of your new course…may it help many!

    • Hi Nadia,

      So nice to see you back in the blogosphere! I look forward to seeing all that unfolds on your new blog.

      I’m glad you like the list. Steven Pressfield is almost always good! But this article was especially special since we have so much attachment to outcomes with our work.

      Thanks for your good wishes for my course. I look forward to connecting with you more.

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