Nobel Peace Laureates: Tawakkul Karman, Leymah Gbowee, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Would the world be different if women were in charge?  Read these 75 inspiring quotes on how to live a rich and meaningful life from the some of the most amazing women of our times and see what you think.

Then, consider, for a moment, the wars, violence, poverty, starvation, corruption, human slavery, drug trafficking, environmental devastation, and other unsavory realities that plague our world under male domination.

Does any of the above give you confidence in male leadership?

This earth could provide enough for everyone if we chose cooperation instead of competition and generosity over greed.  There is another way if we embrace an “us” mindset instead of a “me” mindset.  But, I don’t think this sensible approach is foremost in the minds of our predominantly male leaders and its certainly not the prevailing marketing philosophy.

Is it time to listen to women for a change?  Is it time to elevate more women into leadership positions?  Not just a few, but many?

75 Quotes to Celebrate the Wisdom of Women

I’m offering these 75 bold and inspiring quotes from famous female writers, scientists, leaders, and spiritual luminaries to remind us that women have important wisdom to share.

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