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Why Were You Born?


Why were you born?

What if it were to learn something rather than to “be” something?

Do you have a core challenge in your life?  A thread, a pattern, an emotion that keeps repeating itself?

What if you were here to learn about:

  • Fear
  • Suffering
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Happiness
  • Inner Peace
  • Kindness
  • Forgiveness
  • Responsibility
  • Generosity

Or whatever happens to be in your face most of the time?

Even Your Passion Will Dissolve

You may be following the call of your passion or working an everyday job to pay the bills.  When you die, all that will end.  Your passion will dissolve into emptiness.  So how can that be the main purpose of your life?

Personal development experts encourage you to find happiness through leaving a legacy.  But a physical legacy is impermanent, too.  Whatever you have gathered or built as a legacy, will one day fall apart.

What if all the doing or the legacy was just a vehicle for a bigger or a deeper learning?  Maybe it’s the sideline and not the real gig.

I believe we’re all here to realize our spiritual essence.  Our distinct challenges may be our individual paths to recognize just that.  In that case, let’s rise up to meet them instead of running away.

Why were you born?  Do you ever think about that?

When it’s your time to depart from this world, what will you have learned?  What will you carry forward, if perchance, there is another life ahead?

I would love to hear your thoughts!  Please share in the comments.

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  1. Jean Sampson

    Well, Sandra, I would say, although all of the things you listed are things I work on, the main life challenge for me has been dealing with fear, learning to face it, forgiving myself when I run away from it instead of facing it, and understanding that, even though I ran away this time, another lesson will follow at some point. Re-evaluation counseling has helped me deal with fear more than anything I have ever done, so I KNOW that it can be faced head-on (and even invited by doing the things you want to do but are scared to do). I also did Toast Masters for several years to begin to chip away at my fear of public speaking. I use those skills in every class I teach or whenever I give a poetry reading. I still get nervous but I get over it quickly once I start speaking.
    Awesome post! I would really like to get it all done this lifetime 🙂 but I am sure there is a ton more stuff to do if you consider that I am working on First Chakra issues which are issues of survival, and not even the more refined, spiritual issues further up the energy ladder :). But, hopefully, we can work on ALL of the Chakras all of the time, with concentration on one chakra. I know that as we age, we get to work on a whole lot of stuff that we have tried to avoid all our lives—-well, at least that has been true for me! Aging is a time of REALLY concentrated learning, at least it has been for me!

    • Dear Jean,

      I so resonate with what you’ve said about fear. It has truly been one of the major themes of my life. And, I haven’t made it to Toastmasters yet. 🙂 I so admire how you continue to keep moving through it in so many different ways! This is such an inspiration.

      I don’t know how the chakra system all works, but I’ve been told I need to work on the lower 3; the others seems to be functioning better. So this might coincide (possibly) with some of the main themes we need to work on in our life. I would be bummed out if we had to mast the first chakra before we could be in balance with the rest!.

      That’s an intriguing assertion that personal learning becomes more concentrated as we age. I think that can be so true if we’re not living on automatic. The recognition of death and impermanence really accelerates learning.

      Thank you for these deep thoughts!

  2. Self nurturing issues have always been big for me. If we neglect ourselves we surely neglect others. But there have been many lessons wrapped within this lesson. I like your image because the learning opens like that – like a many petaled flower.

    • That’s an important observation, Nicole: how many lessons can be wrapped up in the key theme or themes of our life. I tend to pick images intuitively and I felt drawn to this one because it represented birth and opening to me. But like you I also see there are many petals or layers that unfold in life as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. What an interesting way to view life and my struggles, I never thought to look at it this way. I think I am here to learn love, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness.

    • Kaylin,

      This just came to me in a dreamy state, and it felt strong and important to consider. Those are all beautiful things to learn!

  4. Hi Sandra,

    How do you come up with such innovative questions? Born? Never thought about it!! But it is a very interesting question.
    I think we have to figure out… as we advance, as we develop a discerning eye, we realise what we are here for… whether we are going to take some negative or positive baggage into our next life, if any, some of us are not even conscious half of our life that we may have gathered that baggage, in the form of our deeds, kind or otherwise! And most of us don’t even bother!

    Life is much more challenging than placing it into the compartments of fear, suffering and all those emotions you have listed, Sandra. It makes us learn as it unfolds and it turns out to be different for all of us. Yes, we do experience all these as we flow and realise their significance much later. I would like to pick up happiness, if given the choice!

    Thanks, Sandra for sharing such a thought provoking article.

    • Dear Balroop,

      Sometimes ideas like this just come to me in a semi-conscious state when I awake in the night or early morning. This one felt like a strong and important question to be asked.

      Yes, I don’t mean to put life into neat little compartments! I realize it doesn’t work that way! But, I do think that each of us may have one or two recurring themes in our life to heal. And the main point being that we’re not necessarily here to be a doctor, grocery story clerk, or any particular job, but for a higher purpose.

      May you have all the happiness you wish for.

      • Thanks Sandra, for answering my question so honestly and thanks once again for the sweet wishes. Love you for that!

  5. I am here to do my best, love the most and help others. And to do that I try to heal my own wounds and sorrows in Life at the same time. I love your question Sandra. How often do you get a question like that?

    • Beautiful, Anki! May all your wounds and sorrows be healed.

      They come every once in awhile. I think it’s just the subconscious brain at work. The veils are thinner when we are just waking!

  6. What a marvelous choice of question! I was born five years into my parents’ marriage. At that point they believed they were infertile, and were greatly surprised. Because initially they wrestled with exactly that question, I have too, since childhood. The answer seems to change at different points in life, and I’ve accepted that. As far as the philosophical goal of learning, I believe I was born to learn and grow as best I can about everything.

    In my youth, I was born to make people laugh and entertain them. I spent years studying comedy and acting, and performed thousands of times.

    For a decade I was born to help people figure out how to express themselves using photography. I worked in different kinds of photographic equipment sales companies, taught classes, and became a resident expert in making home movies at first, then videos once that became prevalent.

    Often things that happened earlier in life reappeared unexpectedly. When I was unhappy as a teen, I began volunteering at a crisis intervention center. I continued doing that for seven years. It was the beginning of a routine of service work that has returned again and again, and now service work is my primary profession.

    However, a psychic once told me (about 30 years ago) I was born to raise other animals, so I guess it’s still an open question. Thanks for asking!

    • What an interesting life you have had, Mike! It seems like you have found a perfect niche in service, but we never know what life will bring next. It seems you have a special kinship with animals – so who knows! The psychic could be right.

  7. Hi Sandra, What a wonderful way to look at our lives. The question of what is my purpose has haunted me for over 40 years, but I believe my biggest challenge has been making decisions and. learning to trust myself. I’ve been getting hints that one of the lessons is that there is “no right answer”. That’s a big frog for my mind to accept. Meanwhile, I believe we are all here for the master purpose of being and living more love with an individual purpose that connects to our passions and dreams. It’s the personal purpose that I’m stumped on. The journey continues….

    • Dear Brad,

      It seems like you’ve made good progress on learning to trust yourself. The idea that there is “no right answer” may be the most profound of all! But I agree, we are all made to love once we peel away all our fears and delusions. Good luck with discovering your personal purpose or maybe letting go of the need for one if that might help!

  8. Sandra, my sense for quite some time has been that we may all share a core common purpose: to learn to give and receive more Love.

    I realize it may seem an over-simplification; I see it as one piece of our individual and unique circumstances.

    Thank you for all your insightful inspirations.

    • Dear Dena,

      So nice to see you! I think love is an essential part of the equation and that all these other challenges helps us finally unveil our true essence of love, compassion, and wisdom. Thank you for highlighting the importance of love.

  9. Wonderful post, Sandra! I must say I struggle with this question. What keeps settling out of the cloudy mix is: to be happy. While it may sound self-centered, I think a lot of not-so-selfish ends are wrapped up it — summed up, perhaps, in the notion that we can’t shine our light on others and the world until it shines for us.

    • Jeffrey, I understand why you might struggle with this question. I think it’s quite human to wonder at times.

      I think yours is a wise conclusion, however! As long as we are keeping others in mind, it’s not selfish or self-centered at all. Thanks for sharing this insight.

  10. Hey Sandra – interesting question indeed. I was born to make the world around me a better place, to be of service to others and to speak up in whatever capacity that may be to improve the conditions around me.

    On a more personal and internal level, I was born to learn acceptance, practice compassion and courage, grow, embrace change and live in the present moment. And without question, as you point out, to discover and live my spiritual essence.

  11. Absolutely love this post Sandra. I think what you say is so true. For me it’s always been about greater expansion and spiritual expression, however that shows up.

    • Thank you, Elle! Sometimes these questions just hit me and I think they are important to ask and share. It’s wonderful you’ve always had such clarity about your purpose!

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