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One Powerful Word: A Simple Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions

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Each year, I choose one word as my guiding star.  I find this a simple and enriching process.  This single word – or phrase – keeps me aligned with my most important focus for profound personal growth.

If you would like to explore how to discover your word for the year and how to remember it, please enjoy my previous posts on the topic:

I hope you find the perfect word that accelerates your personal growth and leads you to more peace and happiness.

Have you selected your word for the year yet?  I would love to hear about it.  Mine might be “practice.”

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The Best of Always Well Within 2013


  1. I chose “love” as my word last year, and I came to understand that concept in ways I didn’t know were possible. This year my word is “surrender.”

    I hope you share your word with us, Sandra. 🙂

    • Nice, Bethany! Surrender could be very powerful. I think “practice” will be my word this year. If so, I’ll write about it in a post. Thanks for sharing your word with us!

  2. Mine is Thrive. I am working to remove the obstacles that limit or prevent me from thriving.

  3. My word will be Movement. I am usually more “up in the head” than in my body. The word will remind me to came back to my body and less in my head. Thanks for the help, Sandra!

  4. I’ve never tried having one powerful word for a year. I’m still thinking about mine. But I totally love this idea! I’m definitely going to this this every year starting next year.

    • Cool! I’m glad this inspires you and wish you the best in finding the perfect word for you. Wishing you a wonderful year, Zoe.

  5. In the past year I have overcome a great deal of internal and external obstacles, so i know my word is ‘restore’. I’ve picked up a copy of “SIMPLE ABUNDANCE A Daybook of Comfort and Joy” by Sarah Ban Breathnach to assist me with my journey.

    • Lakeshia,

      “Restore” sounds perfect to cycle after a year of overcoming so many obstacles. I wish you comfort and joy in the new year!

  6. Diana Winch

    My word will be patience this year. Patience with people, with myself and anything else that passes my way.

    • Dear Diana,

      Patience is such an important quality! I wish you the very best in cultivating patience this year. Thanks for sharing your word.

  7. Being a more-is-more kind of person, I always choose three. This year, mine are focused, aligned, and zealous. One of my lovely blog readers boiled them down to one word for me: fazed. I love that! And I love your word as well. Happy 2014. I’m looking forward to the class!

    • Hi Charlotte,

      Three can be good! Whatever works for you, right! I love focused and aligned and I can completely see you as zealous. Happy 2014. I’m looking forward to the Living with Ease class too!

  8. Jean Sampson

    Hey, Sandra, my word will be trust. I thought about choosing love, but I am already working on that and finding it to be a good word for me. So this year I will trust life and trust myself and trust others. May your new year be rich and fulfilling! Love you!

    • Hi Jean, I think “trust” has the potential to be a very transforming word that can bring a lot of spaciousness and ease. I look forward to seeing how it goes for you in the coming year. Thanks for your good wishes. Wishing you trust and all good things. Love you too!

  9. I have done this for several years now. Always surprising. This year my word is treasure. I am looking forward to discovering the who, what, and when of my treasure and the why and how I treasure my treasure.

  10. I love this project, and can attest that it can have tremendous impact! This year my word is EMERGE–and yes, in all caps. 2014 is the year I will interact more with others, both online and in real life, and the year I will publish. (It is also the year my grandchild will be born!)

    I’ve laid the groundwork during the past two years, both internally and externally. The internal structure is the psychological and spiritual grounding to deal with others in a way that will not drain me and yet still contribute to the world. The external structure is learning craft–also in a way suitable for my age, health, financial status, and the way my brain is naturally wired.

    But it doesn’t do any good unless I get it out there! Thus: EMERGE.

    Hugs, Sandra, and best of luck in your coming year of Practice. I don’t comment often, but I read and lurk a lot 🙂

    • Dear Meg,

      I’m completely fascinated by what you’ve written here, and I’m so delighted for you. It seems like you’ve carefully laid out your path over recent years, or perhaps it simply came together in such a systematic way. EMERGE is tickling me now too!

      I wish the very best getting out there in 2014. Naturally, you have all my support. And I can’t wait to see how EMERGE manifests for you.

  11. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for the inspiration!! I have found my word, [all thanks to you] and written my latest post on that word. I have also tried to thank you by linking it to you…still learning!! Lol!!

    Your post has given a new focus to me and I hope more inspiration will continue to flow from you in the New Year!

    Love and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    • Balroop,

      I’m so happy you found your word! I really enjoyed your post on the topic, which was so sane and replete with wisdom.

      Wishing you the brightest New Year ever! Much love!

  12. Sandra, I have chosen the word “listen” for 2014. It’s my 1st time to try this, rather than resolutions, and I am excited.

    • I’m excited for you Julia! “Listen” is a fantastic word. I wish you all the best following your word in 2014. I hope it brings you to wonderful places.

  13. My word is “calm”. The past year has been all about change and learning, and it’s been very good, yet hectic in a lot of ways. I’m hoping to create a ground for putting the learning into action by giving what I’ve learned the space it deserves. So calm it shall be 🙂

    • Anne-Marika,

      This really connects with the idea that life goes in cycles, which I mention a bit in my next blog post. I think you are so smart to choose this work and give yourself time to integrate all that change and learning.

  14. I’d been letting this sit for a while and days went by without me knowing what my word would be. Then a couple nights ago I went out for a jog under the stars in the cold…..and my word came to me: MOVE.

    This means 2 things to me:
    1)Physically move. Five years ago I’d lost 65 pounds and recently I gained 18 back. I worked too hard to be a healthy weight to go back to my unhealthy ways. I need to move.
    2)Geographically move. This won’t happen this year, but I want my actions this year to be moving toward my goal of moving to a place that feels like home. There are ways I can be preparing my home and my finances to eventually make the big move….I don’t want to be stagnant…I want to be moving toward my future.

    • Beautiful! I’ve been in the same situation, unclear about my 2014. It’s wonderful when it just pops like that. Good luck with your “moves” on all fronts. I love the clarity you have, which I’m sure will help you move forward toward your desired future.

  15. Mine is more a phrase than a word I suppose Sandra – counting my blessings. Each day for the year I’m writing down ten blessings and as I read them over a few times throughout the day, I’ll be feeling thankful for them.

  16. My word for 2013 was bloom, and it served me well. This year’s word is grit.

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