Grass, White Sands

“From one point of view, this 21st century is an amazing time. We have amazing technology and we enjoy the benefits of that technology. But from another point of view it’s a horrible time because we are actually destroying the very basis of our existence and survival – our environment. This is an utter contradiction.” – the Karmapa

If saving a life were as easy as giving up some of your creature comforts, would you do so?

You probably wouldn’t give it a second thought if the opportunity were right in front of you.  But for some reason, the reality of climate change remains abstract, unreal, or implausible for most people.

Eyes open or closed, the planet is heating up.  According to an article in the NY Times, by the year 2047,

“…for a given geographic area, ‘the coldest year in the future will be warmer than the hottest year in the past,’ said Camilo Mora, the lead scientist on a paper published in the journal Nature.”

And that means unimaginable human and environmental consequences.

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