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Your Emotional Colors and the Quality of Your Life


Recently, I wrote in my journal, “I am frustration.”

I meant to write, “I am frustrated.”  When I caught the “error,” I laughed because the initial phrase captured my reality more accurately.

Isn’t this exactly how emotions sneak in and begin to color the quality of your life?  We tend to invisibly merge with the feeling.  Then it’s ever-present, like a boldly colored thread interwoven throughout the fabric of your days.

Reflection:  Your Emotional Colors

What emotion are your living these days?  Is it a single emotional color or a palette of two or three?

Seeing your “colors” can be exciting because awareness constitutes the first step to improving your life.  OK, sometimes it can be a little depressing too.  Yes, it can feel like a monkey you want off your back once and for all. But please don’t let it get you down.  Here’s what you can do instead.

Once you acknowledge your basic emotional palette, you can:

  • Accept and love the dark places.
  • See and apply the lessons they would like to teach you.
  • Practice the opposite. For example, if frustration plagues you, practice acceptance or joy.
  • Celebrate and amplify the positive colors like love, joy, and compassion.
  • Simply observe the emotion without engaging in afterthoughts about it.  Then, it will dissolve on its own.

“If everything is noted, all your emotional difficulties will disappear. When you feel happy, don’t get involved in happiness. When you feel sad, don’t get involved with it. Whatever comes, don’t worry, just be aware of it.” – Dipa Ma

While you might want the less desirable colors to immediately disappear, they’re probably a vivid streak painted across a big section of the canvas of your life – a trend you’ll need to work with again and again.  But the colors aren’t permanent, some just take longer to erase.  That’s the idiosyncratic nature of being human, so in place of self-recrimination practice patience, humor, and spaciousness instead.

Now, while you think about your emotional colors, I’ll carefully apply the medicine of acceptance, joy, and gratitude to the frustrated part of me.

What emotional colors are you living these days?  How are they affecting the quality of your life?

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  1. Love this concept and thoughts on ‘dealing’ with the darker colors. This is a relatively new idea for me, and I’ll tell you, it’s mighty freeing. To observe, but not get involved—in either the good or the bad. I used to feel a negative mood coming on and immediately try to ‘fix’ things, while also feeling guilty about having those feelings in the first place. Overall, it just led to more frustration and anxiety.

    Lately my emotional colors have been fairly light and airy, very positive, with the (very) random, deeply fierce pang of frustration and anger. When you’re in the thick of all the crap, how do you snap out of it? I still have struggles with that, but recently I’ve just been letting my negative emotions be, and before I know it I’ve moved on and they’re gone.

    Always a joy reading your posts, Sandra! Thank you!

    • Dear Amanda,

      I’m happy this concept resonates for you. Negative emotions can easily become complex once we begin to try to fix them and add in the guilt! We can start to feel more confidence about working with our mind, when we realize it’s all constantly changing anyway. We can simply be aware and keep living without investing too much energy into any particular state. The more we do this, the more they will dissolve on their own.

      Light and airy sounds nice! Negative emotions like frustration and anger are still going to rise until we’ve exhausted our storehouse of these tendencies, and usually there’s a lot there. It’s not easy to snap out of them because they are so strong. It takes quite a bit of training, perspective, and persistence. It’s good to start with smaller emotions like irritation or annoyance. Once you’re able to work with these, you’ll have an edge seeing that emotions are not as strong or solid as they seem. Understanding how damaging frustration and anger are both for ourselves and others can also help us to stop in our tracks and not go there. I don’t think there’s one easy answer, but it does begin with intention and commitment. At the same time, we need to have self-compassion and forgive ourselves when these difficult states do arise. That’s par for being human.

      It seems like you have your own answer thought and just letting them be is working quite well for you. Thanks for coming by. I was just thinking about you. Sending you love.

  2. For the moment my emotional color (love the expression) is darkgreen. On my way by train to Stockholm to attend an inspiring course in Economy with headache I try to let go and accept the state as it is. “I am on my way to an inspiring course. I have headache.” Fullstop. Thanks Sandra! This was exactly what I needed to read just now.

    • Hi Anki,

      So sorry for your headache! I’m glad this post was the perfect read right now. I hope you enjoy your course! Thanks for coming by. I love seeing you here.

  3. Hello; This was a beautiful as well as beautifully written post. While reading it the picture came to my mind of a kipou the practice of keeping track of your life through the knotting of different colored string. I thought lately i have many more strings of positive happy open energetic colors than ever before in my life. and sometimes those few dark strands just make the bright ones stand out more. we can never eliminate them completely but we can minimize them by focusing on the better parts of our character. we can do this through prayer meditation physical activity fulfilling work time with good friends and family etc. thanks again for your post and take care, Max

    • Hi Maxwell,

      I’ve never heard of a kipou before. What an interesting idea! Thanks for sharing it with us. I’m so happy you have more strings of positive, happy, open and energetic colors than ever before in your life. I love your perspective on the dark strands. I’ve enjoyed learning about this from you.

  4. Dark and unhealthy (guilty) emotions were creeping in my subconscious this morning – then I read these wisdom filled words. The above words provided the ah-ha moment of clarity that I needed to direct my emotions to a “like water” state.

    This is a keeper, I’m going to print this post and use a life lesson study guide enhancement.

    So very grateful that you took the time to write, edit, massage and publish this insightful piece of very valuable work.

    Namaste Byronious Chingchonious

    • Byronious,

      Those ah-ha moments of clarity are special. I’m honored these words helped you make a shift. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

  5. Orange and brown and red and just a bit of early, frosty white. The external changes of a traditional Autumn palette have a meditative effect on my mood and energy. I turn on the fireplace, and sit with a cup of tea more often. I’m spending more time reading and contemplating.

    Summer was full of parties. Christmas is full of music, which we’ve begun rehearsing. This time is the space between emotional peaks, and I love walking the dog as the skies fill with clouds, and the falling leaves carpet the roads.

    • Hi Mike,

      The colors of changing leaves! I see how you are flowing with the season and I think that’s so natural and intelligent. Our life was made to be seasonal and so few appreciate that. Enjoy your cozy moments. May your contemplations bring the best insights.

  6. Hi Sandra…this is very interesting! Emotional colors! I never thought about this! Sandra, you seem to have an artistic bent of mind too!
    Well, to continue in the tone set by you…single emotional color is not what life presents, it fills our days and hours with various colors…some gloomy, some very bright and there are many hues to these two.
    We have to deal with all these hues as we move ahead, accepting the blues…endeavoring to turn them into optimistic streaks of green, which vibrates throughout, if we make a positive effort. Lovely pinks have been my favourite and still are! How I wish to grab this colour and keep it in my heart, all the time.

    Thanks for a lovely, colourful post….it has added brightness to my surroundings.

    • Hi Balroop,

      It’s funny because I’m not artistic in the least! This is so true, our emotional colors are constantly changing, aren’t they? It’s so empowering to realize that and not give them too much credence. Instead, infuse our hearts with the kindest of all colors! I love that idea.

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