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The Heart of October: Inspiring Links

Sunn Hemp

At the end of each month, I publish my favorite articles from around the web, books, and resources – the ones that will help you live with more confidence, clarity, and ease.

Outstanding Articles

Start and Grow Your Blog the Simple Way

Would you like to start a blog, but don’t know where to begin?  Or maybe your blog is floundering, and you have no idea how to make it blossom.

In either case, I recommend the Goodblog Project, which is now available as a self-study course at a fantastically reduced price.

This course will show you how to blog simply, but effectively so you’re not wasting your time in all the wrong places.  It will encourage you to fully connect with your readers so you understand their needs, and can truly be of service.  It’s comprehensive too, covering everything from your blog title and tag line to creating products and more.

The Goodblog Project was a perfect fit for me.  Find out more about the Goodblog Project, and see if it resonates for you.  Note:  This is an affiliate link so if you purchase the course you’ll receive an outstanding product, and support my work at the same time.  Thank you so much!

One Way to Simplify the Mind

Every month I post a short retrospective to remind myself to focus on what really counts.  I hope it inspires you to  live more intentionally as well.

It hasn’t been easy this month, trying to be an good partner to my idiosyncratic body.  I know I need to avoid all those extra thoughts that can get my mind spinning, and are totally unnecessary.

So when life gets complex, I like to take refuge in simple, mind-free tasks like cutting sunn hemp (pictured above) and “feeding” it to the banana plants and small fruit trees.  There are countless life lessons you can learn from whatever you do as an extra bonus. Here are three I learned while cutting the sunn hemp.

  1. Find the easy way in.  Many nitrogen-fixers and some small weed trees obscured my way at times.  When I paused and looked, I found the easy way in.
  2. Step carefully.  It’s rocky lava terrain mixed with decaying wood.  That requires extra mindfulness.
  3. Pace yourself.  I can avoid the inevitable impact of going beyond my limits by pacing myself.

How was your October?  What did you learn about yourself or the world?

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Image: © Sandra Pawula



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  1. jean sampson

    I read some awesome and uplifting posts here, Sandra! Thank you so much!

  2. I very much share the principle of “pacing yourself.” Most people try to do too much and end up exhausted, achieving too little. Saying no, discarding the unnecessary, is the basis for focusing, relaxation, and productiveness. A well-written article. I enjoyed it.

    • Hi John,

      These are all important principles in my life too. Thanks for highlighting them as they make such a positive difference in one’s life.

  3. Well, one thing I’ve learned in October is that I can’t let “inertia” stop me from getting to your blog frequently because I miss too much good stuff! I just enjoyed reading your last several posts (thus the inertia reference).

    I especially appreciated the one about regret. That is an interesting balance between judging yourself and holding yourself accountable. And tips for dealing with annoying people are always helpful. (First tip–stop thinking of them as annoying!)

    And of course, I always love your end of the month reflections. (Thanks for including a link to my post titled “Baking Bread.”)

    October zipped by so fast, my theme from the month might be “Don’t blink!” This was the month, though, that I figured out I need to work on the way I engage in other people’s lives, especially my daughter’s. My own discomfort with certain things has tempted me to address that by trying to change things in HER life. Hmm. And how is that working for me? Not so great. I should know better!

    So let’s see what wisdom November brings!

    • Galen,

      I love the way you frame this delicate balance between judging yourself and holding yourself accountable! You really put your finger on the heart of working with regret skillfully.

      Yes, annoying people should probably be “annoying” people in quotes because it all depends on our perception. Good point!

      That’s a huge insight that October produced even if it was only a blink of the eye long. Good luck, it sounds a bit challenging but I know you’re always up for it.

  4. Thank you very much for this informative post with a good number of useful connected links, i am saving it for my further reference. Keep up the good work.
    Best regards

  5. Hi Sandra
    I am truly amazed at your reading prowess! How you manage to keep track of so many posts of such a massive community is a marvel!! I am trying to read them…thanks for compiling them here. I can come back for reference. So far my favourite is …’She yelled… ‘ it is really quite incredible…only saintly souls respond with so much of love in the face of anger.

    Simplifying the mind has been my dream too and I usually empty it by putting every thought into my poetry. Sometimes when I go for my daily walk, certain thoughts suddenly emerge and vanish by the time I come home! That is a pain, though!
    Thanks, Sandra….I appreciate this post for its unique nature. have a great weekend!

    • Hi Balroop,

      Thanks for your sweet words. I read blog posts in my Feedly feed reader throughout the month. Whenever I read a really good one, I put the title in the link post for the month, collecting them as I go along. So it’s a slow process that happens over the whole month.

      I agree that’s a very special post about dealing with anger. I think we can all be saintly souls if we keep practicing!

      Poetry is a wonderful way to empty your mind. I know what you mean by thoughts vanishing into the air!

  6. Hello Sandra,
    I’ve said it before and experienced it again: when we fail to learn a life lesson it will be presented to us again and again. Being with difficult people can teach us important life lessons and provide opportunities for personal growth. Well, this month was the month I discovered I was a difficult person … again.

    Thanks for providing this list of your favorites. I enjoy using it to visit and read. Thanks also for including my Think Pink? Think Twice article in it.

    May November be a productive, healthy and happy one for you.

    • Hi timethief,

      You are so courageous to be willing to work so deeply with yourself. Isn’t it interesting how those lessons keep coming up again and again to give us a chance to really eradicate them. It takes time though!

      That was a very provocative and informed article. I appreciate it so much and am happy I’m able to include it here.

      Wish you a good November too!

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