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The Heart of August: Inspiring Links


Learning to live with ease is a practice.

At the end of each month, I publish my favorite articles from around the web, books, and resources – the ones that will help you live with more confidence, clarity, and ease.  There was so much goodness this month, you might need an I. V. drip to take it all in!

Outstanding Articles & Books

I’ve only read one book in full from my summer reading list, Zen On Fire, How I Found Peace in the Midst of War, which I rate highly for its evocative story mingled with self-care intelligence.  I’m going through Bouncing Back, Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being at a snail’s pace, but I’m absolutely fascinated by how much impact the first 18 months of life have on the remainder of our years.


August was an incredible month of accomplishment for me.  I opened my new course – Living with Ease:  The Mindful Way to Dissolve Stress – for registration.  You can still sign up until September 8; the course begins on September 9th.  I’ve been writing prolifically about finding ease for the course and in guest posts as well, inserting plenty of relaxation into the process as you can see from the photo above.  I’ve been sited in various beautiful places around the web:

Here are 3 things I learned about accomplishment in August:

  1. When the stars line up, everything flows.  Go with it!
  2. I need a conducive environment to create.  It’s up to me to know what that is and then put it together.
  3. Friends are eager to provide support and help. Just ask. What a wonderful world it is!

I’m incredibly excited about taking a journey toward more ease with all those who have signed up for my course.   This feels like a new beginning and a vision of more goodness to come.

How was your August?  Are you ready to say good-bye to the summer months?

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  1. jean sampson

    Wow, Sandra, you look so happy and so relaxed! What an example for everyone.
    I am spending 7 days a week painting and loving it! I am doing several huge oil paintings and probably one acrylic (because the oils will not dry in time ) for a big wholesale decorators’s show in NC. It was good last spring so I am hoping the fall show will also be good. I am just so grateful that this opportunity came to me and I can actually fulfill it! All the huge canvases were given to me EXACTLY when I needed them! And I have (had!) a huge stockpile of paint, so I was just fine! I don’t know why I worry—-these thing happen to me all of the time whether I worry or not, so I am going to keep these good things present in my mind and just think about them when tempted to start worrying! 🙂
    You list of reading material is incredible—I think I will pick one thing out and enjoy it. Looking at the whole list is a little over-whelming!
    Happy end of summer, Sandra!

    • Hi Jean,

      What a wonderful flow of auspicious conditions coming together for you with the big painting projects. You seem so thrilled and like you are really enjoying it.

      I’ve come to the same conclusion about worry. It doesn’t really help anything. It can be tempting to go there, but it’s another habit we can break and I think you have a great approach for doing so.

      I’m so delighted August flowed so well for you.

  2. My darling Sandra,
    All your accomplishments sound divinely guided for sure….but seriously I cant stop staring at the completely gorgeous picture of you’ll! Such joy and bliss all in one photo. I need to borrow that beautiful smile of yours 🙂 really really…. Ah!
    Thank you for this post and for that picture….now I can get back to making dosas for my aunts who are about to arrive for dinner in a bit…eeee… 😉
    After looking at that picture for the umpteenth time…I will hit publish in this comment….
    Love you lots,
    p.s. whats in the plate in the front of you??? I’m so curious …… 🙂

    • Hi dearest Zeenat,

      That was a special moment after a refreshing swim in the tide pools and while visiting with a wonderful friend. That’s a green papaya salad and a single piece of fruit on the other plate.

      You’ve got a gorgeous smile yourself! Thanks for the swoosh of love and positive energy.

  3. Sandra,
    So beautiful to see you glowing! Clearly, you are a living example of the possibility for happiness and ease. Much love to you…

  4. Hello Sandra,

    Like other have said, you and your dear friend look amazingly happy! And so is the reflection of your writings. The Peace within can be felt. The Journey into it, at least.
    My August has been remarkably peaceful even though its a month which always brings me sad memories. But I guess I wouldn’t be who I am today had I not gone through the emotional pain of the said sad memories…

    I wish you a wonderful end of August! Plus, may I say: you have a vibrant and open smile so beautiful! :)))

    Tree Spirit

    • I’m glad you’ve had a peaceful month, Tree Spirit. Sorry for the sad memories! So true that our pain helps us to evolve, but it’s not always so easy to bear. Thank you for your kind words! Wishing you a beautiful close to August and a wonderful September too.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful list! I liked the photo too. I feel a certain sense of the absurd, the balance of shadow and light, what with the government gearing up to perform some sort of international military act of vengeance in Syria – right while I’m busy, absorbed and happy feeding birds and preparing to train another service dog. I’m going to try and extend a more peaceful path deep into the winter months. While someone else is off embodying Vishnu, I want to be the nurturing Brahma.

    • I love seeing you, Mike. I’m glad you are following your peaceful path into the winter and nurturing your new service dog.

      This is one of those challenging moments in time, difficult to grasp and comprehend and I appreciate the sense of absurdity or dissonance you feel. I can only hope for a non-violent resolution to the situation and continue to encourage peace within and without.

  6. It is a wonderful picture 🙂 Thanks for linking up with me, you made my day!

  7. You are right about the I.V. drip, Sandra. But then I ordered mine long ago when I started reading your blog. Your photo is so delightful!

    I am honored by the mention! 🙂

    Can you believe I read your post and didn’t realize? I just saw your tag and came back again. Hugs! You brightened up my week!

    • Dear Vidya,

      That was such a special post of yours, which moved me so deeply. How could I not include it! I’m glad the mention brightened your week, but truly the honor is mine.

      That is quite a long list of posts so I can understand that you missed it, especially since it was published a bit ago.

      You are so generous in support your blogging friends that I think you must be on the I.V drip almost continuously! 🙂

      • It is a good thing I work from home, eh? 😀 I.V.s can hamper mobility. I just saw a cartoon with a stick figure on an IV drip (with Coffee) 😛

  8. Beautiful! Thank-you for the awesome list, loved the broken telephone =)

  9. Love these posts as always! I am so sorry to see August go, I live at the Jersey Shore and will be sad to see the beach days go. But August has been unusually cool here so there haven’t been many beach days anyway, hopefully we can get a few in in September. Time always goes by so fast, I try to use it as a reminder to enjoy the journey and not be so outcome focused. My cousin just moved to the big island and I will be forwarding her the article on “Easy Living”. Thanks again!

    • Hi Kaylin,

      I’ve been enjoying your pictures from the summer and so can imagine there’s some sadness to be leaving it behind and moving into the next season. Hopefully, they will be a bit of an Indian Summer in September and maybe even a few beach days left. I appreciate your reminder that just being in the present moment helps us best soak in the richness of life – much more than wander into the past or future. Thanks for sharing my article on the Big Island with your cousin. I hope he or she enjoys their spot on the Island.

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