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The Heart of July: The Joy of Flowing

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At the end of each month, I publish my favorite articles from around the web, books, and resources plus a mini-monthly review.  This is one small way I express my support for other bloggers who offer compelling, inspiring, and/or intelligent content.

Outstanding Articles and Books

Although I wasn’t online much in July, I did catch a few special articles I would like to share with you.

I’m only a few chapters into Bouncing Back, Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being (affiliate link), but I am impressed by the author’s excellent explanation of attachment theory and how it relates to the function and structure of the brain.

Ever wonder why you are stuck in distressing relationship patterns, and find it difficult to get unstuck from them?  Attachment theory describes how the way we connect or don’t connect with our primary caregivers during the first two and a half-years of our life has a profound effect on our ability to have healthy relationships even as an adult.  For many of us, dysfunctional patterns were deeply embedded in our brain through repetition during our innocent years.

Thanks to advances in neuroscience, we now know it’s possible to retrain the brain, and by so doing find more peace and happiness.  Books like this show us precisely how to do that.

Cool Courses

  • You Have Time, a micro-course created by Beverly Army to help you live your best 168 hours each week, begins on August 4th.  I’ll see you there.
  • Create a Micro-Business, developed by Courtney Carver, is a self-study micro-course that you can start at any time.  I love Courtney’s signature approach that combines simplicity and clarity for effective action. (affiliate link)

The cool thing about these two micro-courses is that they are less than $20.00, but jam-packed with valuable exercises and advice.

  • In the Gap of Grace, which begins on August 4th, Joy Holland invites you to explore how to be in the gap – between where you’ve been and where you would like to be – with presence and grace.

Flowing with Joy

I’ve enjoyed my month-long experiment in flow.  Although I wasn’t suddenly gifted with clear seeing or subject to an earth-shaking epiphany, I’ve seen positive changes.  The process has been like a chain of tiny practices providing clear evidence that listening to your inner voice pays off.  Indeed, the times I didn’t follow my inner voice provided a wake up slap on the cheek.

To strengthen my ability to flow, I’m keeping track of my intuitive flashes in a small notebook that I keep by my side.  I’m making every attempt to actually follow them rather than wiping them out with an analytical eraser.  It’s a simple formula:

  • Listen to instinct, intuition, impulse, and body rhythms
  • Act
  • Record and review
  • Repeat

As a result, my dreams and insights have been far richer.  I feel more connected with my spiritual teachers, and thus guided, protected, and secure.  The torrent of fear that has dominated my life has slowed to a trickle.  This came about due to years of emotional and spiritual work, but this process of trust and flow is locking it in even further.

Life is good right now with little anxiety, worry, or fear.  I’m acknowledging the goodness, and allowing it to nourish my nervous system, building more resilience for the future.

In July, I was drawn to:

  • keeping life simple
  • spiritual study and practice
  • exploring and unraveling my deepest patterns
  • getting organized to save time and relieve unnecessary stress
  • playing and enjoying the world of the senses
  • writing a new course for you, to be revealed in August
  • exploring new options for my health
  • focusing on forgiveness

My inner voice has been telling me to “do nothing” for months or even years.  I finally listened.  In the end, it wasn’t a question of nothing, but rather creating the space so something different could emerge.

I know I’m lucky as most people don’t have the good fortune to take the time and space to find their flow.  My life wasn’t completely free of responsibilities during July, but I had more space.  Even if your life is brimming with demanding activity, you could try using weekends to get more in touch with your own flow.

I’ll continue my experiment in flow through August.  In September, the challenge will be to integrate flow with a more demanding schedule.

Flavor of the Month:  Goodness

How was your July?  Do you feel in the flow?

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  1. Thank you so much for including my interview, I’m Never Pain Free…., among your favorites. What a great thing to do at the end of the month.

  2. Sandra, thanks for sharing the link to my course. As a teacher, I’m fortunate enough to have summer months off from an imposed schedule. My July HAS been one of flow–it’s been great to sleep when tired, write when I feel is my most creative time, etc.

    • You’re welcome, Beverly. I can’t wait till your course starts. Isn’t it wonderful to have summer months off? I have 6 weeks off in the summer this year and it’s such a bonus. I’m happy you are using your time to flow instead of making it into a schedule! That’s fabulous.

  3. Hi Sandra,
    I am SOOOO glad to see you back after your break. Happy to read that the month was peaceful for you.
    And thank you for including my article in the awesome links here. Love the collection!
    Lots of love,

    • Hi Zeenat,

      I’m SOOOOO happy to be back! Yes, it’s so nice to have a peaceful month while knowing life changes constantly. Much love to you.

  4. jean sampson

    Great to see you back here! My July is speeding up and will continue until the first week of October because I have 3 huge paintings to complete and let dry. But I am amazed at how well it is all going and I think this whole process of doing something really unfamiliar (I am used to painting much smaller canvases ) is a sort of flow experience because I have no idea how any of this will turn out and how it will all go. Yikes! Scary and exciting at the same time! 🙂 Anyway, welcome back. I missed ya!

    • Sounds fabulous, Jean! How exciting to be going huge. I wish you the very best with this experiment and hope all flows exactly as you wish. I missed you too.

  5. Yay! So glad you are back. And thanks for the links to the classes–I’ve signed up for Beverly’s class. She’s a friend, but somehow I managed to miss this amazing offering! And I’m about to sign up for Courtney’s as well. I look forward to your blog posts as we move forward!

    • Charlotte, It’s so nice to “see” you too. You’re very welcome. I love sharing good stuff with my friends. That’s an amazing guest post series you have on your blog about dreams in writing.

  6. hey Sandra! wonderful to hear that the experiment is going well. i like your formula and will try it myself starting right now! too many times i let my analytical side wipe out gut feelings. going to go dig up a notebook now too! thanks so much for sharing and for this awesome list of resources.

    • You’re welcome, Vanita. I’m a super analytical person too, but I know we can find balance by trying out these new ways a little at a time. Good luck!

  7. Sooo nice to see you back Sandra. Your post ‘feels’ as though you’re in the flow. Out of which it seems have come wonderful things.

    I obviously haven’t ‘chosen’ to be as much in the flow as I want, because I haven’t been. So now it’s simply a matter of choosing to do so…and I must say…the prospect alone feels good before I even begin. 🙂

    • Thank you, Elle! I’m sure you will find your way to flow in the right time. The fact that it feels good to just think about it is so encouraging. I love your last post!

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