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Summer Reads: 10 Books Capturing My Attention

Pink Hibiscus FlowersUsually, I’m drawn to setting up a slew of experiments for the summer.  But, I have just one goal this sunny season:  to be at ease.

The essential threads of life will continue:  writing, responding to meditation students, clearing weeds and vines, and regular meditation practice, but intertwined this particular summer with ample time for rest, journaling, and reading a few good books.

As I recently said, I would like to integrate what I read instead of greedily accumulating more knowledge without putting it into action.  But, I’m not giving up books altogether, at least not yet.

I try to capture the essential points – just a few – from each book I read, and find ways to actualize them.   From this perspective, my summer reading list might seem on the longish side.  But, I’m not worried as it will be just as good if this reading happens to extend itself into the fall.

It’s time to finish reading these books:

It would be helpful to refresh myself on these outstanding primers on healing trauma:

These books are calling to me:

I’m beginning to realize my quiet summer may only be a dream as I neglected to consider a few major projects looming on the horizon.  Nevertheless, whatever happens, my goal is to expand my ability to be at ease and to read at least a few good books.

What’s on your reading list this summer?

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  1. Nice list Sandra. I recently came across

    The Spirit of the Heart: Stories of Family, Hope, Loss, and Healing

    To Heaven and Back: A Doctor’s Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story… These two are next on my reading list.

  2. Sandra,
    I am intrigued by your reading list! Some of these titles are new to me. What is a book hoarder to do? LOL! Thank you also for the link love, too! To be at ease, that is a great summer goal. I am really playing with this concept in my own life, how to allow versus force. Intellectually, I understand these concepts but it makes such a difference when we can embrace them in our hearts as well! I look forward to seeing what unravels for you as you experiment more with ease.

    • Hi Carrie,

      I love books too, but these days I’m doing my best to go slowly with them so I bet this list will last the rest of the year.

      It seems like there’s always a gaps between what we know and what we are able to implement. That’s where the challenge and the fun comes in! I wish you the best with finding the right balance of allowing versus force. The will is a beautiful tool, but overused it can deplete us. I have a feeling I’ll be talking more about ease. At least, I hope so!

  3. These all sound interesting. There is a new book out called Quiet that I want to read. Its about being introverted in an extroverted world.

  4. Stacey B.

    My goal this summer is to learn and benefit from meditation! I have been so stressed out lately and with the nice weather and many outdoor summer excursions I feel that meditation is the smart thing to do! I have found it so difficult to become fully immersed in a book or even in my own thoughts as of late because of the urge to check my IPhone for e-mails, social media updates etc. The thing is, I LOVE to read and I’ve felt robbed lately because of my short attention span (blaming it on technology!). What has helped me to begin my “digital detox” and fully enjoy my summer reading list as well as push me towards my meditation goal is a great book I just found entitled “The Facebook Diet” by author Gemini Adams ( She has created a fully illustrated humorous book that will make you (and/or your friends) think about the amount of time spent on Facebook and other social media sites. The premise is that we may just need to “unplug” and “take a tech-detox.” I suppose that this could be considered a self-help book as well, since she has great “wean yourself off of Facebook” tips at the end of the book. The book made me laugh out loud quite a few times and shares some interesting facts and statistics on the international phenomenon that is Facebook. Educational, eye-opening and entertaining I hope you will give it a read!

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