Is Wisdom Lost In Your Journals?

Do you have a stack of old journals taking up space?

When I moved to France in 2006, I put two file boxes of “important” papers into storage. Although I retrieved those boxes in 2010, I haven’t looked inside them once.

A few days ago, as part of my simplicity quest, I took aim for those boxes and discovered 6 personal journals inside.

I immediately tore out the pages and put the gorgeous covers into a recycling bin. This clever idea comes from Tammy Strobel, who lives in one of the tiniest spaces possible.

Admittedly, a few insightful gems popped off the musty pages as I quickly browsed through.  But, for the most part, the sheets regurgitated passing emotional states and long-forgotten unimportant circumstances.

I wondered, “What’s the point of faithfully recording transitory thoughts and emotions?”

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