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The Heart of December: Dream Carefully!


Welcome to my monthly collection of inspiring and helpful articles, books, and resources plus a mini-monthly review.

Outstanding Articles & Books

The first four articles offer insight and solace in response to tragedy and loss.  The next six will help you set a direction for 2013.  The others are simply my favorite posts on a variety of personal development topics.

I’m currently reading Clutterfree by Courtney Carver and Leo Babauta.  Here are some of my favorite books from my 2012 reading list.


If you would like to start a blog or take your blog to the next level, I personally recommend The Goodblog Project, which begins January 7th.  You can read my review of the course here.

Last year, I received monthly I-Ching guidance and a reading for the year. I already knew it was an ‘obstacle’ year, which began on my birthday in 2011.  The guidance I received via regular I-Ching readings really helped me navigate the challenges that occurred with more clarity, confidence, and ease.  Irving (the “Vizier”) has a heart of gold while also being very grounded and knowledgeable about how to work effectively with the natural cycle of changes that occur in everyone’s life.

Would you like to get a sense of what’s in store for you in 2013? Need help with a major decision or challenge?  You might find an I-Ching reading helpful too.  Irving offers a free question to anyone who engages his services for the first time.

Dream Carefully!

Writing a brief monthly review helps me celebrate my accomplishments and stay focused on what really counts.  Sharing my review may inspire you and help you be more intentional too.

I made a strong aspiration to simplify and downsize my life last summer.  But, honestly, I’ve just been puttering along for the last six months moving tiny bits here and there.  Now, that intention is hitting hard.  I’ve discovered:

  • Intentions are powerful.  A natural momentum can invisibly build and suddenly manifest.  So dream carefully!  Dreams may come true.
  • In the beginning, simplifying is labor intensive.  Cleaning, clearing clutter, weeding, hauling, repairing and other forms of physical labor dominate my day.
  • Momentum might carry you asunder.  Ride the momentum consciously.  Is this truly where you want to go?

On the writing and editing side of life, I’m now offering a free sample edit.  If you need an editor, please try me out.  I’m also very excited about a new ecourse I’m developing.  More to be revealed in the coming months!

Looking Forward:  I don’t know!  Balance?  Surrender?  We’ll see.

Flavor of the Month:  Momentum interspersed with moments of discombobulation.

How was your December?  Challenges?  Breakthroughs?  I would love to hear.

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Best of Always Well Within 2012


Do Your Beliefs Lead to Happiness or Suffering?


  1. jean sampson

    Wow! What a meaty post! I went to the “reflections and intentions” since I don’t believe in beating yourself up for lessons learned the hard way in the past, nor do I think New Years resolutions do any good at all, and can make you feel like a failure when you don’t achieve them. And THAT in itself was a very dense, meaty post and well worth the detour!
    I am going to spend some time asking the questions and doing some writing——a process of revelation any time I choose to do it. And , of course, the cleaning out and downsizing will continue! I will be right there with you, letting go of whatever I can let go of! I did make a pile of about 10 books in the studio that need to go to the used book store. Now, to just get them there. The most exciting thing is that people have been GIVING ME these HUGE CANVASES that I will need to keep on painting the big paintings that a decorator says he can sell for me. So, I think the Universe is saying, “So, there you go, paint, even though nothing has sold yet——-paint, already!” And that is exactly what I am going to do! I LOVE painting big, but , for very practical reasons, I never did paint big until this decorator showed up and said he wanted BIG pieces. So, that is when people started giving me these beautiful canvases that I needed! Life is SO funny!!! Sometimes it just makes me laugh to see how “guided” we are! I guess all of that came from the intention set long ago that I would never give up on any individual painting (and I never have) and I would never quit doing art, whether or not it sold. And I have held to that one, too. I guess ya just gotta live long enough to see some of these thing come to fruition! 🙂 Happy New Year, Sandra!

    • Jean,

      That’s an amazing story about how people are giving you these big canvases! I’m really curious how that will turn out for you in 2013. Most important though, I see how it’s linked with your intention and how magical occurrences take place when our intention is clear.

      Thank you for being so much a part of my life in 2012. I look forward to seeing you on the other side in 2013 and cleaning out and downsizing together!

  2. Hi Sandra,
    What an awesome FULL post this is. I’m just waiting for a few hours to myself to dig into all these resources you’ve mentioned. Thank you for mentioning my latest positive resolutions post here… You’re awesome!
    And I eagerly await all that you’re creating in the background….what fun! I’m all excited about your new course.
    Countless blessings and barrels of love to ring in the new year.
    Lots of love,

    • Zeenat,

      How could I resist including your article on positive resolutions! I appreciate the way it had it’s own special twist and positive spin of course. There were so many good posts this month! I hope you enjoy. And, I send you all my love and best wishes for the coming year.

  3. Hi Sandra,

    I loved your thoughts on intention and momentum. They’re both powerful forces, so it’s wise to think carefully and be clear about what you want before employing them. Thanks for the great links, too. I’ve just spent the last twenty minutes or so bouncing through them, what a treat!

    My December was pretty quiet on the surface, but I had some breakthroughs that made me feel clearer on where I want to be in the future, and how I might get there. I feel really optimistic about the coming year.

    Best wishes for the New Year!

    • Hi Dave,

      It’s exciting to hear that you feel optimistic about the coming year! The combination of “quiet” and “breakthrough” sounds compelling to me! Intention and momentum are such interesting phenomenon. I’m getting to know them thoroughly at the moment. Thanks for your thoughts and wish you the very best in the New Year!

  4. Hi Sandra,

    I hesitate to come over to your posts (especially these review ones) because I know that it’ll take me away from my to-do lists for an extended period of time. Once I’m here, however, I get a huge dose of inspiration, comfort, ideas and resources that make it worthwhile.

    Thanks for sharing the articles and books. I’m happy to read that you’re offering sample edits. I just sent off a notice about this to clients.

    My December was interesting. From Thanksgiving through now sinus dripping and congestion came to visit me, forcing me to rest and eat loads of soup (yummy) I took OTC and prescription drugs, plus some home remedies, but it is rest and water that I think are doing the most good. Guess the Universe decided that I wouldn’t slow down on my own. Fortunately it wasn’t a serious cold or flu, but it was quite annoying. Coughing is exhausting.

    Spending more time than usual in my bed had its benefits. I couldn’t stand looking at the clutter, so I’ve been attacking bedroom as I’ve had energy. I’m quite proud to say my closets and sock drawer are organized. Yippee! Just a few shelves of books and papers and my bedroom will once again become a boudoir.

    In spite of dragging butt during the holidays I managed to decorate and do some not too elaborate cooking and enjoy my kids and grandkids.

    Another benefit of all this down time has been time to reflect and consider my 2013 desires.

    Looking forward: step up my blogging and freelance writing, write a 2nd edition of one book, write a new book, add an ebook per month to Kindle, combine several projects into a membership site.

    On a personal note: explore some local and international spots

    Theme for the new year: Live on purpose and out loud

  5. Wow, Flora, I am totally floored by the splendor of your goals for 2013. You probably just needed this period of downtime to get ready to floor it in the coming year. I’m so impressed with you clarity and determination. Colds are so annoying! They make you feel miserable and put you out of commission though they seemingly don’t warrant the label of “major”. But still a “major” pain!

    I always follow the advice of wise women like you! So thanks for the suggestion to do the sample edits and I’m on it.

    Yes, it can be dangerous to come here. I like to ask deep questions, explore profound topics, and this time my list of interesting articles was a bit long. I’ve been thinking that linking to each others articles is one way to build interactive support as a small alternative to social media, which doesn’t seem to be have the same punch it did in the past.

    I wish you the very best in the coming year! I’m so glad to know you!

    • Hi Sandra,

      Thank you for your kind response. I’m so glad I met you too.

      I think you’re right that we build our community by responding to blog posts we like. It is a form of social media, perhaps slower than some, but deeper and more meaningful.

      I’m looking forward to more great content from you in the new year.

  6. Hi Sandra,
    I read the first two books. In fact I’m sending Wild to my daughter in Atlanta today. I also read Susan Piver’s article. Thanks for all the wisdom you share and thanks for all your loving support of my work. I love you. I bless you. I appreciate you. xo

    • Thank you for all your love and support and for all the goodness, encouragement, and boldness you share on your blog. May your message spread far and wide in 2013. All my love and best wishes to you, dear Tess.

  7. What a solid post. I am bookmarking it so I can catch up with all the fantastic posts / books I haven’t read yet. So thrilling to think there’s inspiration unlimited available to access whenever I want.

    Sandra, I am blessed to be connected with you! Thank you so much for the love.

    Hugs, Vidya

    • Hi Vidya,

      Yes, isn’t it amazing that there’s unlimited inspiration, support and encouragement available to us through this cyber-network? Have fun! Thank you for your kindness and support.

  8. So much to devour here Sandra- The first thing I am drawn to is the book Clutter free- I have had a build up of incompletions and some piling over the past year or so, this might give me a boost to take action.

    Thanks for your inspiration and support over the past year, I love your blog and you and look forward to connecting with you in 2013

    • Hi Suzie,

      You are brilliant and following your intuition so I hope this book will give you the boost you need to cut through the pile up. Simplifying, I’m finding, is a lot of work!

      I love and appreciate you too, Suzie. I will you the very best in 2013 and am so happy for our connection.

  9. Great post with great links. I also loved reading Wild this year–so much deeper than I thought it would be. And The Glass Castle is one of my favorites ever. Happy 2013!

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