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Listening to Your Wishes: Survey Results

I’m so grateful for your responses to my recent reader survey.

Your feedback and suggestions are incredibly invaluable.  The sense of appreciation and encouragement you expressed in your specific comments touched me deeply.  Thank you!

More than 10% of you responded!  That seems a healthy response rate to a blog reader survey given the busyness of modern life.  I appreciate that so many of you took the time to complete this survey.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, it’s not too late.  You can share your thoughts in the comments of this post.

Following are your wishes, my corresponding thoughts, and how I will incorporate your suggestions going forward on Always Well Within.

1.  What three post topics do you enjoy the most at AWW?

  • Spirituality & Wisdom – 71%
  • Mindfulness & Awareness – 70%
  • Personal Development – 40%
  • Inspiration – 38.3%
  • Happiness – 35%
  • Health & Wellness – 28.3%
  • Eco-Friendly & Green Living – 15%
  • Other (please specify)

I was surprised that Spirituality and Wisdom along with Mindfulness and Awareness outstripped the other categories by such a large margin.  In fact, your response made me stop and think about how I differentiate spirituality and wisdom from personal development.  I’ll write about that at some point.

I will continue to write on a mix of topics, but these two will be the leading ones.  I will leave eco-friendly, green living, and health and wellness to the experts, but I may post on those topics occasionally since they are also near and dear to my heart.

2. What three new post topics would be the most helpful to you?

  • Life Balance – 50.8%
  • Cultivating Compassion – 49.2%
  • Simplicity – 39.3%
  • Communication – 36.1%
  • Stories of Transformation (guest posts) – 36.1%
  • Relationships – 34.4%
  • Productivity – 18%
  • Financial Freedom – 14.8%
  • Time Management  – 13.1%
  • Other (please specify)

I’m glad you are interested in a range of personal growth topics.   I will focus especially on Life Balance and Cultivating Compassion and occasionally on the other topics.  I’ll send you to my savvy friends for advice on financial freedom and getting things done.

3.  How often would you like me to post a new article each week?

  • Once a week – 49.2%
  • Twice a week – 37.7%
  • Three times a week – 13.1%

There isn’t a consensus on this topic!  I’ll choose the middle path by posting at least once a week and aiming for twice a week.  Sometimes my second post will be a link to a guest post or an article at the Envision Writing blog.

I’m currently posting on: Wednesday and Sunday.

4.  What do you think about my site, Envision Writing?

  • I subscribe and read it regularly  – 15.0%
    I don’t know what that is  – 38.3%
    I don’t subscribe but I like when you share links to it on Always Well Within – 36.7%
    I’d like to know more about your writing services – 15%

Thanks.  This feedback helps!  I’m a freelance writer and editor.  I help authors, entrepreneurs, and bloggers express their vision and perfect their words in clear, concise, and captivating ways.  Envision Writing is my business site and blog where I scribble about writing, blogging, and staying sane while marketing your cause, business, or self.

5. What else would you like to share? I would love to hear how AWW has worked in your life or other suggestions or feedback that you have.

Some additional topics or styles you appreciated or requested:

  • I like hearing about your life experiences and what they have taught you.
  • I’d like to read topics concerning overcoming ‘loss’ and topics about how our ‘clinging’ leads to more suffering. Also would like to read some topics about ‘letting go’.
  • I really like the short story/opening sentences and then the suggestions following. Giving another point of view.
  • You always write something that inspires me to be a better person in this beautiful.
  • Practicing mindfulness to recover from C-PTSD.
  • Combating the dark side of human nature like vengeance, greed, and ignorance.
  • Reminders to live lightly and loosen our attachments.
  • Reminding us of who we really are.

This specific feedback is extremely helpful.  I will definitely be writing about these topics and following your stylistic suggestions, although I will need some time to reflect upon some of them.

Some of the qualities you appreciate about Always Well Within:

  • Inspiring
  • Insightful
  • Heartfelt
  • Helpful
  • Encouraging
  • Valuable
  • Thought Provoking
  • Beautiful Energy
  • Positive Energy
  • Well Written
  • Clarity of Messages
  • Peace and Calm balanced with Professionalism and Action

My intention is write for you.  I would like Always Well Within to always be a reader-focused blog.  Thank you for taking the time to share your requests and tell me about your needs and challenges so that can be the case.

I’m closing the survey now.  If you haven’t had a chance to respond, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments on this post.  I would love your input too!

Thank you for reading and sharing!  If you enjoyed this article please subscribe for free updates by email.  With love,  Sandra

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  1. Those are interesting results indeed, Sandra. Reader surveys can be so eye-opening! I had the pleasure of responding to the survey, but I would say that I am certain to enjoy whatever you write, because I really like your style. 🙂 Thank you for sharing these results – it is very thoughtful and caring of you.

    I am happy we are connected. Much love, Vidya

    • Hi Vidya,

      Thanks for your sweet words! I’m an eclectic person so it would be difficult to limit myself entirely, but I to be sure that I’m writing to meet my readers needs.

      I’m very happy to have connected with you too. Visiting your blog invariably brings a smile!

  2. Hi Sandra — I’m grateful to you for being so conscientious about what your readers would like to see — personally, I’m most impacted by this blog when you talk about the experiences that have helped you develop maturity and wisdom.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your feedback! It really helps so much. I will take your thoughts into account when I’m writing. With appreciation and love!

  3. Hi Sandra,

    I love that you took the time to share the survey, then carefully consider the results and share them here. I can feel your joy and gratitude…as you so clearly invite your readers to participate in communication and connection!

    I also love that you are “eclectic”, as am I…and I look forward to the wonderful insight and reflections that you share…your messages often inspire and encourage me!

  4. Thank you, Joy! Being eclectic just comes naturally to me and enriches my life. I appreciate your encouragement, support, and kind words. And love our connection.

  5. I did respond and seems like I was in sync with others. Good feedback!

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