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Summer Calls: Setting Aspirations, Clarifying Dreams

Are your thoughts drifting towards summer as this luminous season approaches in the Northern Hemisphere?

Do you have aspirations or dreams?  Will you capture them or let them float by?  The secret is to catch them, set an intention, and gently nourish them to be.

Summer has become – for me –  a time to experiment, refocus, set new directions, draw loose threads together, and complete.  Could this be due to my September birthday?  A time of transition from one astrological year to another, birthdays often see an old agenda invisibly unfold into a bright new vision with a twist.

Or maybe it’s simply summer’s illusion of more space and time.

Last summer, I had a dazzling menu of experiments.  I didn’t manage them all, but the one’s I did accomplish were significant – a digital sabbatical, a loving-kindness retreat, and a realignment of my digital engagement.

The growing warmth of the solar sphere must be at fault for popping these new action-oriented thought-kernals without notice into consciousness.  No matter it’s a full month till the Summer Solstice, the commands spark forth.

Now, I’ll employ the power of a list to drive clarity and action.  These are my emerging aspirations for the summer:

  • Clear clutter (loose threads);
  • Get ready for downsizing (new directions);
  • Catch up on half-read books and start the new stack (completion and new directions);
  • Take a month-long blogging break (experiment);
  • Weed, trim, and beautify the garden (loose threads and new directions);
  • Carve out more time for focused meditation and study (experiment);
  • Clarify and invest in my career evolution (new directions);

Setting An Intention

It all boils down to setting an intention.  Once I clearly articulate my aspirations, the best ones seem to manifest seamlessly, almost on their own.  Sure there is effort and sometimes obstacles appear.  But the clarity of direction seems to capture a momentum that catapaults me through.

Spring was my season of healing and nourishment. In the glow of summer, it looks like I will be buzzing like a bee.

Is summer calling you?  Do you have aspirations or dreams for the summer?  Does setting an intention help you manifest your dreams?

Thank you for reading and sharing!  With love, Sandra

P.S.  A solar eclipse took place yesterday, May 20th – the first eclipse of 2012.  An eclipse can be a powerful time of unexpected change, depending on how it touches your astrological chart.  A solar eclipse is associated with new beginnings.  If you find your life suddenly stirred up this month, here are some tips for Navigating Change with Confidence and Ease.

Image: Alvesgaspar



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  1. Sandra, did you know that pic isn’t showing? i’m getting a “file not found’ when I try to view it.

    Anyway, I think summers are a time of anticipation as the school year ends. Summer camps, family vacations, days at the pool… All of these are things people enjoy during the summer. That could be why you feel a sense of renewal because in some ways, that’s really what’s going on.

    Great post to think about!

    • Hi Grady, I think you are right…summer is a distinctively different season for most of us and that’s probably why I feel this sense of gearing up. I hope you have a beautiful summer. Thanks for letting me know about the pic!

  2. Jean Sampson

    Hi Sandra. My intention, in alignment with my over-all commitment to health for myself and the planet, is to continue to eat a mostly plant-based diet, which I am doing right now. I recently quit drinking diet sodas and, when I tasted one the other day, thought it was quite gross!
    I am doing this gradually, and thoughtfully, and I know I will achieve my goal. I was going to share a piece of steak with my husband yesterday, but wound up giving some to the cat and saving the rest for “Mr Meat and Potatos.” It just did NOT appeal to me!

    • Jean,

      That’s a huge shift. I really admire your clarity and determination. Isn’t it interesting how our sense of taste changes when we make positive changes in our diet? “Gradually” and “thoughtfully” are two key words that help us in change. You are clearly changing being able to give up the streak. I wish you the best of success with this intention.

  3. Such a coincidence. Yesterday in the middle of my work, I was busy filling up a list of things to do when I finished this round of projects. This morning my son and I sat with our lists and mine looked pretty much like yours, only longer :-). I believe in the idea of setting intentions too, because its where all action is initiated. I enjoyed this post. Somehow, I feel it is a sign that things will all work out well, 🙂 Sandra. May everything you plan be fruitful!

    • Vidya, I love our synchronicity! And the sense and sign that all things will work out well. Once I set my intention, I trust it will work out well although it may unfold a bit differently…but perfectly in its own way. Thank you for your good wishes and may all your projects beat fruit too.

  4. Vishnu's Virtues

    Sounds you have a busy summer planned Sandra! The common theme is experimentation and new directions:) I’m glad you’ve set intentions for the summer and I hope they all manifest for you. You’ve got me thinking now how I’m going to spend my summer here in Costa Rica. I’m thinking more blogging, more reading, more friendships, more traveling around Central America and traveling within:)

  5. Vishnu,

    Amazing, I didn’t realize you are in Costa Rica. What a change! How exciting. Those seem like plans for a beautiful summer. Look forward to hearing about how it rolls out on your blog.

  6. galenpearl

    I don’t know that I have any specific intentions or aspirations. I think I’m trying to move in the direction of having a shorter list. I know I would like to spend more time at the cabin away from phone and computer, sitting by the creek. More time meditating. More time reading. Pretty modest!

  7. A shorter list sounds wonderful, Galen! Modest but enriching!

  8. I’m inspired by your list. I’d like to use the summer to clear up loose ends, half-finished projects and, like you, half-read books. I also want to finish cleaning my basement. Thanks for the motivation.

  9. alwayswellwithin

    You’re welcome, Charlotte! Sharing my aspirations, I feel, is the best way to inspire others. I’m glad you caught the wind.

  10. Hi Sandra — good to see you again. I can relate to what you say about having a sense of spaciousness regarding the upcoming summer — I have a definite agenda for this summer, which involves releasing the first episode of my animated musical and ideally blogging every day about it!

    • alwayswellwithin

      Wow, that’s a fabulous focus! I wish you the best of luck with it. Naturally, if we can stay spacious too, all the better for our sense of ease and confidence.

  11. I like the idea of “setting an intention”, but how do you get from intention to actualization? That’s my problem. Perhaps I don’t map out a clear enough (or realistic enough) pathway to go from A to B.


    • Sandra Pawula

      That’s a great point, Ali. An end date, timeline, and step-by-step plan can be very helpful. Last year, I set aside a week for each of my “experiments”. So allocating a specific time-frame helped me considerably. Good luck. I hope you find a good way!

  12. Hi Sandra,
    Congratulations on moving Always Well Within to your own host!
    I have so many intentions! But, the one intention I never seem to get to is to slow down and rest. I’m planning on taking a break this summer after I complete a big project I’m in the midst of now.
    I long for the long lazy days of summer from my youth where I read piles of books I’d taken out of the library.
    Thank you Sandra for reminding me. I needed it!

  13. Sandra Pawula

    Dear Angela,

    You deserve a big break after writing, release, and promoting your new book! I think it’s just as important to set an intention to slow down and rest as it is to take on specific projects. I’m wishing you long lazy days this summer with piles of books from the library!

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