A Star is Born The Visions Oracle CardFrom time-to-time, I use The Visions Oracle cards for inspiration, guidance, and direction.

Recently, I received a card called “A Star Is Born”, which said:

How have your thoughts and imaginations shaped your surroundings?
Take the time to create your own reality on the inner planes, first.
Trust you can manifest your intentions.
Let go.”

I immediately thought:  “Why would I want to manifest something other than this perfect present moment in which my karma is unfolding seamlessly before my eyes?  This karma – the fruit of my past actions – if understood correctly – is replete with boundless insight and potential for transformation.”

Isn’t it human nature to always want something different than what is?

Will I trample this moment and attach to creating something I perceive as better, more suitable, and more to my liking?  As soon as I begin wanting something different – improved health, more security, the dissolution of pain, a new gadget, the perfect house, or anything else – I’ve entered into the realm of attachment and grasping, the very source of suffering.  I’m living in the future or motivated by the past.  I’m living on the fuel of hope and fear.

Wouldn’t it be exhilarating to be completely free of hope and fear, attachment and aversion?

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