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To Feel Seen, Heard, and Connected

If I want to be seen, I need to see myself.

If I want to be heard, I need to hear myself.

If I want to feel connected, I need to connect with myself.

Do you see yourself?  Hear yourself?  Connect with your self?


[This is part of my series of compelling questions for personal reflection. ]

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  1. Reblogged this on Todd's Perspective and commented:
    Well said…

  2. Jean Sampson

    It has been a lifetime’s work and it has been worth it!

  3. It is a lifetime’s journey, isn’t it? I’m glad you’ve found your way and found it so worth it. It’s encouraging to hear this.

  4. So so true! It doesn’t matter how many people there are, if I can’t connect with myself I can’t connect with anyone else! If I can’t be loving and compassionate towards myself, then I can’t offer it with sincerity to anyone else. Just as there’s a message I want to tell everyone through my blog, and I’m the one that needs to hear it and follow through with it more than anyone. Thank you for this beautiful reflection.

  5. Lynn,

    You essentialized the key point so well. I especially like what you said about embodying the message of your blog understanding at the same time that we are all a work in progress.

  6. galenpearl

    I spent so much of my life being invisible to myself, not thinking I had anything worthwhile to say, and no reason for anyone to pay attention to me personally. Strangely, I had a lot of confidence and presence professionally, but in my personal life it was a different story. Now it’s different. And not. It’s like I found myself and then realized that the way to joy was to move through myself and let it go.

    • galenpearl

      Sandra, On another point, I see WordPress is still not letting some commenters, like me, have a link back in their name. What would you think of having us paste our blog link in at the end of our comments?

      • Galen, This seems to be a permanent change on The best solution that I have found is simply to use a fake email address. Then you are able to receive the link back to your site. I’m going to include that at the end of my posts. I think that would be better than pasting your blog link at the end of your comment, if you think that would work for you; if not the other would be OK. It’s quite easy and you get the link from you name. Thanks for asking.

        I’m seriously looking at moving off of sometime in the next two months, so then the problem will be permanently solved!

    • This is beautifully said. Like you, I feel that we need to find our self in order to move beyond or self, where the real gold lies.

  7. jdmeier

    I’m always surprised how much the world is a reflection from the inside out.

    I was reading a book that talks about empathy and how the key to having empathy is to first have empathy for yourself. It’s the same “empathy circuitry.”

  8. Hi JD, So nice to see you! I’m totally in-sync with this thinking. When we feel empathy for ourselves it almost naturally radiates out to others. Sounds like an interesting book.

  9. As within, so without. 🙂 Beautiful questions, worth looking at every morning as we start our day so that we’re mindful. Thank you, Sandra.

    (And yes, I use an email not associated with WP to comment :D)

  10. These are definitely questions one must be able to ask themselves to know themselves. Thank you for the wonderful post.

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