Everything that happens in our mind and our life is just empty energy if we subtract the meaning we ascribe to it.  All the good/bad, better/worse, like/dislike, and so on.

All the meanings we create are at the heart of our suffering.

The way to a meaningful life is to drop all the meanings.  To be vividly present to whatever occurs with bare awareness without constructing concepts about it.  To allow all the discursive thoughts to melt away.

This isn’t to say that we function without discernment.  Discernment – the ability to distinguish clearly – is not the equivalent of judgment.  When we begin to clear away all the hope and fear, we intuitively know what’s wholesome and what’s unwholesome.  Love, kindness, and compassion naturally blossom and we act accordingly.  There’s more space, more joy, more freedom.

Thank you for reading!  With love, Sandra

Image:  Public Domain