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Month: February 2012

The Joy of a Meaning-Less Life

Everything that happens in our mind and our life is just empty energy if we subtract the meaning we ascribe to it.  All the good/bad, better/worse, like/dislike, and so on.

All the meanings we create are at the heart of our suffering.

The way to a meaningful life is to drop all the meanings.  To be vividly present to whatever occurs with bare awareness without constructing concepts about it.  To allow all the discursive thoughts to melt away.

This isn’t to say that we function without discernment.  Discernment – the ability to distinguish clearly – is not the equivalent of judgment.  When we begin to clear away all the hope and fear, we intuitively know what’s wholesome and what’s unwholesome.  Love, kindness, and compassion naturally blossom and we act accordingly.  There’s more space, more joy, more freedom.

Thank you for reading!  With love, Sandra

Image:  Public Domain

Could Your Love Save a Life?

“Premature babies who survive are tiny miracles of modern medicine. Kyrie (red dot) and Brielle Jackson are also examples of a far more primitive science, that of the loving touch. Born 12 weeks early, the twins were whisked into separate incubators.

Kyrie, the larger at two pounds three ounces, slept peacefully. But Brielle had breathing and heart-rate problems, didn’t gain weight and fussed when anyone tried to comfort her. Finally, a nurse tried a technique called ‘double bedding’ and put the sisters together for the first time since they shared a womb.

‘Brielle snuggled up to Kyrie,’ reports mom Heidi Jackson, ‘and she calmed right down.’

With her sister near, Brielle began to thrive. Sooner then expected, the girls went home…”

Life Magazine, June 1996

The power of love, the power of kindness, the power of touch lies within your heart right now.  Let it free!  You never know…  It might just save someone’s life.

Photo:   Chris Christo/Worcester Telegram & Gazette called “The Rescuing Hug.”

If you enjoyed this inspiration, please share the link with others.   With love, Sandra.

The Nenes

A story and a contemplation ~

The Nene* goose lay flat on the asphalt, unmoving.  Her body partially dismantled – just moments before – by the head-on force of a hurtling vehicle.

Her partner, or maybe gosling, stood tall.  Flapping madly, trying to reach her.

A caring man stood between them, hovering above the frantic goose.  His own arms spread wide open as he gently attempted to encircle and steer the bird off the road to safety.

But away from his departed love.

My friend observed, “He’s upset.  His partner’s been hurt.”   I said a prayer.  We skirted around the scene and drove on.

It all happened so fast.  It was like a dream.  I thought she was white.  Was it really a Nene?  He was so big, so insistent, making a strong match for the man trying to assist him.

“This existence of ours is as transient as autumn clouds.
To watch the birth and death of beings is like looking at the movements of a dance.
A lifetime is like a flash of lightening n the sky.
Rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain.”
-The Buddha

This life is precious!  But only if we use it well.  How will I spend my time today?

Image:  Snowmanradio / *The Nene or Hawaiian goose is the rarest goose in the world.

Love or Attachment?

Chances are you’ve been head over heals in love.  Or perhaps you’ve had an enduring relationship where the initial fire died down, but the embers glowed brightly.

Then change descends. Maybe with lightening-like speed. Or, just a gradual crumbling.

How could a sparkling love morph into indifference, discomfort, aversion, resentment, or even hatred?  How could a remarkable connection so mysteriously transform into disconnection?

What is true love, anyway?  When a relationship ends, must the love die too?

Like a porcupine shooting out its sharp spikes or a crab retreating into its shell, shutting down or striking out seem like uncontrollable responses to a split.  A whole range of feelings are likely to occur in its wake: shock, hurt, pain, anger, rejection, indifference, and still others.

These strong emotions will emerge and reappear persistently as you process through the five stages of grief. Processing loss takes time.  It’s normal for these various emotions to arise.  Suppressing them would be unhealthy so it pays to learn to work with them skillfully.

One key to working with this sense of being emotionally hijacked is expanding your perspective on love.

Love or Attachment?

For most of us, love is intermixed with our own needs, fears, desires and attachments.

As the Dalai Lama explains,

“…in marriage, the love between husband and wife –  particularly at the beginning, when each partner still may not know the other’s deeper character very well – depends more on attachment than genuine love. Our desire can be so strong that the person to whom we are attached appears to be good, when in fact he or she is very negative. In addition, we have a tendency to exaggerate small positive qualities. Thus when one partner’s attitude changes, the other partner is often disappointed and his or her attitude changes too. This is an indication that love has been motivated more by personal need than by genuine care for the other individual.”

So what is genuine love then?  And how do you disconnect it from attachment?

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A Simple 6-Part Prescription for Greater Happiness

One of the drawbacks of the internet is the way it exponentially increases the opportunity to compare yourself to others.

Instead of having a relatively small circle of friends, acquaintances, and co-workers, you may literally be exposed to hundreds of new people in any given week.

Have you ever noticed how it can seem like everyone in the blogosphere is so brilliant, leading an epic life, in touch with their true self, bold beyond belief, a fountain of unconditional love, and making loads of money to boot!

Whenever you suddenly feel like you are shrinking in the midst of all these bright lights, it’s time to put on the brakes.

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Clarity with Joy

Would you like to release stuck energy or have more clarity in your life ?

Here’s an invitation to try something different.  It may be radical or new for you, but it could be exactly the release you need to move forward in your life.

My friend Joy Holland is offering a weekly complimentary Distance Energy Movement Session.

The sessions are held Thursday from 6:00 − 6:30 am (PST).   You will set an intention for the session and then simply relax in the comfort of your own space.

An energy session is “a refreshing, healing movement of your internal energy.  It is a wrapping of love and light.”

Joy Holland is an intuitive empath, meaning she can feel what you feel.  She specializes in clarity, helping you to see your Truth clearly.  Her distance work is done via the ethers, so to speak.

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