The sun blessed us with her presence most of January, a stark contrast to the driving rains of Fall.  She often beckoned to me, but I (mostly) stayed present with the “work”.

I introduced Illuminations from the Heart, my weekly subscription letter and opened a page on my Writing Services.  I humorously – or seriously – thought to call it “I write for $”.  Is that too outrageous?

All before Mars – the planet of action – went retrograde on January 23rd, where she will relax until April springs forth.

Make Money Writing

Happily, after leaving a comment on Words Trumpet, I won a free spot in Charlotte Rains Dixon’s class Make Money Writing.

Rains Dixon has been successfully making money as a writer for years. During the dark ages (pre-internet) she wrote for traditional magazines and print publications. These days she mixes it all up writing a variety of content including articles, books, and ghostwriting alongside coaching and teaching. Charlotte’s passionate dynamism and caring heart infuse her teaching style.

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