Tess Marshall, The Bold Life

Tess Marshall

This is a guest post from the indomitable Tess Marshall from The Bold Life.

I know several women that are looking for life partners.

I think when we consistently put ourselves in a state of love or when we become love, love will find us.

We are either in a fearful state or a loving state at all times. These are the only two emotions. All other emotions are derivatives of love or fear.

When I am depressed, sad, and angry or hurt, I am living in fear. If I am feeling joy, peace, appreciation or happiness, I am living in a state of love.

I would suggest that if you want to find a loving partner it’s a good idea to “be” the love you want to find.

This doesn’t mean that a loving partner will come into your life. That may be dependent upon your soul’s plan for this lifetime.

When we are immersed in love, we are living our true purpose. We are healed and as we heal we help heal the world.

  • If we want love, we need to be more giving.
  • If we want love, we need to open our hearts to receive.
  • If we want love, we need to be more loving.

Become the love that you seek and love will surround you, enfold you, protect you, and heal you.

The following statements will help you recognize which state you’re in, love or fear.

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