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“An effortless compassion can arise for all beings who have not realized their true nature. So limitless is it that if tears could express it, you would cry without end. Not only compassion, but tremendous skillful means can be born when you realize the nature of mind. Also you are naturally liberated from all suffering and fear, such as the fear of birth, death and the intermediate state. Then if you were to speak of the joy and bliss that arise from this realization, it is said by the buddhas that if you were to gather all the glory, enjoyment, pleasure and happiness of the world and put it all together, it would not approach one tiny fraction of the bliss that you experience upon realizing the nature of mind.”

– Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche

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  1. Great quote – by avoiding fear we avoid bliss – hard lesson to learn.

  2. What a beautiful quote and love the new look!

  3. Beautiful quote Sandra and new look for your blog!


  4. Thank Alex. I’m glad it inspired you.

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