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January 2012 Review: On Writing and Micropublishing

The sun blessed us with her presence most of January, a stark contrast to the driving rains of Fall.  She often beckoned to me, but I (mostly) stayed present with the “work”.

I introduced Illuminations from the Heart, my weekly subscription letter and opened a page on my Writing Services.  I humorously – or seriously – thought to call it “I write for $”.  Is that too outrageous?

All before Mars – the planet of action – went retrograde on January 23rd, where she will relax until April springs forth.

Make Money Writing

Happily, after leaving a comment on Words Trumpet, I won a free spot in Charlotte Rains Dixon’s class Make Money Writing.

Rains Dixon has been successfully making money as a writer for years. During the dark ages (pre-internet) she wrote for traditional magazines and print publications. These days she mixes it all up writing a variety of content including articles, books, and ghostwriting alongside coaching and teaching. Charlotte’s passionate dynamism and caring heart infuse her teaching style.

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Be Prepared: Anything Can Happen!

I’ve been under the weather with a cold.  Feeling grumpy and miserable.

Then, Monday night, I started to see flashes of light (photopsia) from the periphery of my left eye.  I blew it off – not recommended – and went to sleep.

As I showered the next morning, I suddenly noticed what appeared to be a black spider over my shoulder. She multiplied into quite a few black, lacy images dancing vibrantly about in my visual field.

I called my doctor and was told to go immediately to the eye doctor.  He said, “Tell the staff you may be having a “retinal” emergency.”

Emergency?  Was I ready for a medical emergency?

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A reflection to help put your week into perspective!

Take a moment to consider your level of satisfaction.  How much effort are you putting into “obsessively”  trying to improve your external conditions rather than being satisfied in the moment?

“In Tibetan, the word for “body” is lü, which means “something you leave behind,” like baggage. Each time we say lü, it reminds us that we are only travelers, taking temporary refuge in this life and this body. In Tibet, people did not distract themselves by spending all their time trying to make their external circumstances more comfortable. They were satisfied if they had enough to eat, clothes on their backs, and a roof over their heads.

Going on, as we do, obsessively trying to improve our conditions, can become an end in itself, and a pointless distraction. Would people in their right mind think of fastidiously redecorating their hotel room every time they checked in to one?”

From Glimpse After Glimpse by Sogyal Rinpoche.  Follow the link to sign up for daily inspirational emails.

This is part of my series of compelling questions.

If you enjoyed this reflection, please share the link with others.  And I would love to connect with you on Google+ or the Always Well Within Facebook PageWith love, Sandra.

The Magic of Optimism

I couldn’t resist sharing this link with you!  If you need a little inspiration, you’ll find it here.

108 year-old concentration camp survivor, Alice Herz Sommer, shares the magic of optimism in an interview with Tony Robbins.  Alice wrote her memoir at the age of 104:  A Garden of Eden in Hell: The Life of Alice Herz-Sommer.  Her motto:  “Everything is a present.”


The Secret to Getting Your Feet Firmly Planted on the Ground

Do you feel plagued by excessive thinking?  Or, spaced out and in the clouds?

Are you often agitated or easily knocked off balance?  Do you frequently succumb to impulses or have trouble with consistency and staying true to your purpose and priorities?

You’ve probably noticed – and even envied – the sense of presence and confidence that exudes from people who are rooted within themselves.   People who have their feet firmly planted on the ground.

You can develop this same sense of poise and self-assurance. 

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Love or Fear: Which Will It Be?

Tess Marshall, The Bold Life

Tess Marshall

This is a guest post from the indomitable Tess Marshall from The Bold Life.

I know several women that are looking for life partners.

I think when we consistently put ourselves in a state of love or when we become love, love will find us.

We are either in a fearful state or a loving state at all times. These are the only two emotions. All other emotions are derivatives of love or fear.

When I am depressed, sad, and angry or hurt, I am living in fear. If I am feeling joy, peace, appreciation or happiness, I am living in a state of love.

I would suggest that if you want to find a loving partner it’s a good idea to “be” the love you want to find.

This doesn’t mean that a loving partner will come into your life. That may be dependent upon your soul’s plan for this lifetime.

When we are immersed in love, we are living our true purpose. We are healed and as we heal we help heal the world.

  • If we want love, we need to be more giving.
  • If we want love, we need to open our hearts to receive.
  • If we want love, we need to be more loving.

Become the love that you seek and love will surround you, enfold you, protect you, and heal you.

The following statements will help you recognize which state you’re in, love or fear.

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