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Wrangling with Change and Winning

Here’s a taste of my latest entry at the What Meditation Really Is Blog:

“What a relief!  The last eclipse of the year occurs today. But there’s more to come next year!

An eclipse can trigger sudden, irrevocable change in your life that comes about due to external circumstances.

Yikes!  Unexpected change.  The kind of change that can make your head spin in disbelief and leave your knees knocking loudly.

Fortunately, every eclipse doesn’t effect every person so dramatically.

But still, you can’t escape change forever.  There’s also the unfolding of karma – the fruition of your past actions – which can also twist your world around in abrupt and surprising ways.

Change will arrive in this lightning-like way at some point in your life.  What will you do?

Please read more about When Things Fall Apart at the What Meditation Really Is blog.  I would love to hear your comments there.

Almost all of life is acting out of “residues” – thoughts, words, and actions arising out of deeply embedded patterns.  Rarely do we rest in the freshness of this present moment, free of the past and future.  Free of patterns.  Free of suffering.

There is so much release, so much relief, so much freedom to be found in just letting go in each pristine, open moment.  Every single second, we have this choice:  pattern-bound thinking and its consequences or thought-free wakefulness.  The secret is to simply return – time and again – to the sky-like space of the true essence of mind.

The Most Important VISA to Use This Holiday Season

Winter Pine Branch

This wonderful guest post from Evita Ochel at Evolving Beings was originally published on my blog last holiday season.  I felt a strong wish to share it with you once again due to its timely, helpful, and enduring message.

The winter holidays are right around the corner, and this can leave many of us scrambling and rushing, emotionally exhausted, experiencing more stress than perhaps at any other time of the year.

One of the main reasons that this happens, is that modern society has carved out a very particular “pattern” of what the holidays are supposed to be all about. Mainly shopping, eating, drinking and more shopping.

While some may find this cycle amusing, most move through it unconsciously, fulfilling surface level desires, rather than attaining a deeper meaning and inner peace from their thoughts, words and actions.

The Buddha taught the Eightfold Path for releasing oneself from misery, suffering or dissatisfaction. Out of the 8 tenets, there are 4 that I find can be especially helpful to be extra conscious of around the holidays.

They are, having the right View, Intention, Speech and Action.

And thus this Holiday Season, I invite you to put a different kind of VISA to use – the most important VISA.

V – View

Take time this holiday season, to reflect on your views about this holiday. Our views, are shaped by our beliefs. Our beliefs are shaped by our past experiences, which were shaped by the thoughts and views we chose to have about them – consciously or unconsciously.

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You Deserve a Break This Holiday!

Here’s some food for thought for the weekend:

How will you give yourself a break this holiday season?

Be as creative as you would like!  More than one way and one break is great.

This is part of my series of compelling questions.

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