We may have jumped ahead by planting the seed for your One Powerful Word 2012, but let’s not forget to capture our 2011 life lessons.

They are precious gems, indeed!

Have you ever noticed how insights that are so uplifting in one moment seem to dissolve in the next?

Unless we capture them and actually practice integrating them into our being, they will vanish into the mists.

How to Capture Your 2011 Life Lessons

I’ve recently read six extraordinary articles that offer different slants on learning from our life experiences. Some focus on 2011, one goes all the way back, and one focuses on the present moment, the culmination of 2011 and all our years.

I would like to do all these processes!  So I bet one of them may ring true for you.

Maia recommends taking a full day to focus on reflection and journaling on the past and coming year.  She offers 5 keys questions to deeply stimulate your thought process, including celebrating the positive.  She describes intentions in the following way and explains how intentions link to goals:

“Intentions come from the heart and soul – they are rooted in the values that are most important to you. An intention is connected to your life’s purpose, and is a specific way of expressing it at a given time in your life.”

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