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You Deserve a Break This Holiday!

Here’s some food for thought for the weekend:

How will you give yourself a break this holiday season?

Be as creative as you would like!  More than one way and one break is great.

This is part of my series of compelling questions.


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  1. These day my final term exams have started but after exams are finished I am going to start watching some movies, and I have a reading list and learning french and some HTML.
    Just wanted to ask how can we write like that part in above : How will you give yourself a break this holiday season? I mean It is a line before the real question. How ?

  2. Hi there,

    You have a good plan! Seems ambitious but it’s always good to stretch yourself.

    I used the “quote” option on the panel to create that line. But it will look a little different depending on which theme you are using.

    Thanks for sharing your plan.

  3. Sandra,

    My plan is to keep things simple. In fact, my wife and I have agreed to downsize everything from how many decorations we use to how many gifts we exchange. The result, we hope, will lead to more time to spend together and simply enjoy!

    Warm holiday wishes to you!


    • That sounds wonderful, Alex! I wish you well with your process of downsizing. May you have a beautiful holiday filled with togetherness and enjoyment.

  4. Years ago I stepped out of the holiday madness mindset, so you could say that the best way for me to take a break, is not getting myself into a stressed out place that requires a break.

    Decorating is fun and only happens to the extent that it feels so.

    Consumerism has no place in my December. No malls, no shopping, no debt. Throughout the year, if I see something that reminds me of someone and I think they’ll like it, I get it then. If I’m strolling downtown, checking out the lights and such, and see the perfect gift for someone, I buy it, but there’s no pressure to do so.

    Money is not synonymous with love. It took me a LONG time to really understand that.

    I spend time with good friends and family and enjoy their company.

    Some years, I make my own New Year’s cards, some years I send out purchased ones if I find especially lovely ones, other years, I send out nothing. It’s all OK.

    I embrace the season – less light means going to bed earlier, more time for stillness and reflection, and walks in the snow.

    “Imagine there’s no heaven, no hell below…it’s easy if you try…” Once I let go of it all (clinging to the socially acceptable holiday relationship was actually harder) and took responsibility for how I choose to celebrate, I have more enJOYment than ever before. Of course, this took years to untangle.

    • Hi Kellie,

      Wow! This is a terrific guide for getting to the heart of holiday simplicity. I’m amazed by your insight and how you cut stress off at the pass so your holiday is restorative rather than draining.

      It seems like the underlying theme is going with your own flow and enjoying what you chose to do rather than doing out of obligation. This approach seems to bring you a lot of satisfaction and joy.

      I really like the way embrace the spirit of winter and turn inward as well.

      Thanks for these fabulous tips. I’m sure they will benefit others.

      • Oh, all those years of feeling obligated! Like a noose…

        Yes, once I focused more on nature and the wintery season, instead of on the forced holiday season, the noose gradually loosened until it fell off.

        Isn’t it funny how letting go ultimately teaches us how to embrace?

        Thanks for all your great posts & Qs – you get me thinking often!

        • Kellie,

          I love this… “letting go ultimately teaches us to embrace”,

          Thanks for the positive feedback. It’s my pleasure.

  5. I decided rather than wrapping each present individually, I am going to put all the presents for one person in one big box and wrap it. My kids, for instance, get quite a few from me.

    This will be easier on the environment in using less paper and boxes and cut down on waste. It will also be lots easier on me as it wil be much less frustration and time involved in wrapping presents!

  6. That’s clever! No wonder you have the Best Brain Possible…you have great ideas!

  7. i do deserve a holiday i guess
    i wish to ravel some were and forget about work for few days
    hope i can do that 🙂

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