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Eclipses: Coming Soon to a Sky Near You

Eclipse & Change

Eclipses indicate a point of change.  They represent beginnings (solar) and endings (lunar).  These two will appear soon:

  • November 25th –  Solar Eclipse in Saggitarius
  • December 10thFull Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Eclipses offer an opportunity to embrace – or scream, kick, and resist – change.   The events and changes that occur around an eclipse typically feel sudden, dramatic, out of your control, and irreversible.  Anything you think will never change, may indeed change.

But not for everyone. 

Not everyone feels the effect of every eclipse.  But you will be touched by specific ones at different times of your life.  It all depends on the configuration of your astrology chart and the part of the chart influenced by a particular eclipse.

By reading your monthly forecast at Astrology Zone – or another astrology site – you can find out how the coming eclipses may effect you.  Susan Miller reassures me that this is a friendly solar eclipse on Nov 25th, at least for my sign.  Do you hear my sigh of relief?

The energy of an eclipse and its effects can be felt one month before or after the eclipse, during a hot spot 3 months later, and/or 6 months later when there may be a concluding element.  Depending on the length of its duration, a solar eclipse can effect your circumstances for up to 3 years; a lunar eclipse up to 6 months.

Expect the Unexpected

I have to laugh now when I look back at my concerns during the eclipses that occurred in June and July 2011.  The minute changes that took place in my life at the beginning of June – and immediately reversed themselves a few weeks later – were nothing compared to the dramatic ones that happened 3 months later – probably at the time of the hot spot.  So don’t assume you are scot-free until 6 months after an eclipse occurs.

Not to imply that an eclipse or the change it highlights is bad.  It may be precisely what we need, but weren’t expecting or wanting.

But the choice is not necessarily yours. They changes tend to come from the outside.

The circumstances around an eclipse can spark a feeling of crisis due to the sudden, unexpected change that can occur.  This can be unnerving to say the least.

To help you – and me – work with this type of surprising change, I wrote  Navigating Change with Confidence and Ease.  This article is perfect if you feel like the rug is suddenly pulled out from under your feet.  It offers a perspective and 5 pieces of advice for working gracefully with change.  It helped me to re-read it today.

I find myself teeter-tottering back and forth between fear and excitement.  A fresh beginning!  Now that could be good.  Let’s see what unfolds.

Did the energy of this summer’s eclipses touch your life?  Do you have any suggestions to share about working with sudden change?

Image:  Wikimedia Commons

November 17, 2011

Precise Communication

Imprecision in communication can bring so many headaches, hassles, and heartaches.  Here’s a question for reflection:

How precise am I in my communication?

Pay attention today – and why not this whole week – to see if imprecise communication trips you up.  Let us know what you learn!

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  1. > Eclipses offer an opportunity to embrace – or scream, kick, and resist – change.
    Well put. I like that you framed it as an opportunity, and there are multiple ways we can respond … some more empowering than others.

  2. Sandra, I love how optimistic you are here. Even kicking, screaming, and resisting, you have some humor in this. You’ve learned not to take yourself so seriously. There’s a zen quality here. I’m optimistic about the changes ahead. Take care.

  3. You might be one of the lucky ones who escapes change this eclipse season! But are they really the lucky ones? Ah, it’s so hard to know. 🙂 Yes, a little humor goes a long way when your world starts to crack. You are smart; that’s the perfect attitude.

  4. What an interesting post about the effect of eclipses. Maybe that’s why my life went through so many changes this year! I know you have had your share, too! In my Shambhala training now, we are contemplating “Everything is impermanent.” That seems fitting. PS–Love the post title.

    • Hi Galen,

      It could be! Each series of eclipses has a different effect on different people. Some people may not feel them at all or see much change in their lives. But the eclipses are also affecting other people’s lives, which in turn has an affect on you. What a web!

      I think I will be contemplating “Everything is impermanent” until the day I die. It’s a powerful contemplation.

  5. Sudden change. It can make us old, or it can make us young. Thanks Sandra.

  6. What a beautiful photo-did you take it? Thank you for the reminder about when the eclipses take place. It’s always good to have an awareness and then witness my reaction. I’m curious to see what happens November 25th.

  7. Thanks for the feedback, JD. Love positive feedback from a “pro” like you.

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