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Love or Fear?

This week’s question for reflection was inspired by Unity’s Path Reading for November 2011.

Are you remembering to choose love, trust, and gratefulness in these times of upheaval, chaos, and change?

If you feel lost or overwhelmed, you are not alone.  Just see if you can gently release it and bring yourself back to love, trust, and gratefulness.  Opportunity awaits!  This is a special reminder for me and for you.

How are you feeling in these changing times?

[This is one of my Compelling Questions]


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  1. Linda Worthington

    I try to remind myself that fear cannot dwell where faith resides.

  2. Linda Worthington

    I believe it is. When I sense my faith deeply – really tune in to it I guess I’d say, I realize that fear is absent. I feel “safe”.

  3. My life is so safe because of choices Mary and I made, in comparison to the way we used to live, that I rarely experience direct, interpersonal fear these days. I do still fear the global consequences of ignorance and want, like humanly accelerated climate change and pollution, but that’s sort of intellectual-conceptual fear. It’s more like concern over problems I believe need solving. There’s plenty of work to do. People get sick and injured who could avoid it through healthier lifestyle choices, better nutrition, sufficient exercise. I’m trying to keep the good ol’ Eightfold Path in mind as a general Rx for living. Trying to follow it has been how I reduced fearful problems in my own mind and life.

    (Sandra knows it, but for those who don’t, the Eightfold Path is a simple, Buddhist recipe for balanced living, in order to free yourself from attachment to material and understand things in order to end the suffering caused by your desires. Here’s how the spokes lay out in this Wheel:
    1. Right View
    2. Right Intention – These lead to Wisdom.

    3. Right Speech
    4. Right Action
    5. Right Livelihood – These are the means toward Ethical Conduct.

    6. Right Effort
    7. Right Mindfulness
    8. Right Concentration – These promote and enhance Mental Development.

    There’s more to it as you explore the meaning of each aspect, but I’m already in danger of writing a post in someone else’s space. Cheers!)

    • Mike,

      I’m glad you have a stable life without much fear. Thanks for offering the Eight-Fold Noble Path as a means for reducing fearful problems in our life. You can write a blog post here anytime! I would be honored.

  4. I am reminded of the scripture that says: Perfect Love cast down all Fear

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