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Making Magic Happen

Magic Wand

Someone told me that I have a magical wand, a very magical wand.  But I need to use it fancifully not prosaically.

That prompted this week’s Question for Contemplation!

Do you feel like you can make magic happen?  If you had a magic wand, what would you transform within yourself or in your life?

This could be quite a profound question.  Of course, there might be practical things that pop immediately into mind.

But I suggest letting this one simmer a bit.  What would really make a positive difference in the deepest or strongest way?

Of course, if you just want a new car, I won’t object!  Sometimes, a practical item is the order of the day.  There’s no right or wrong answer, just what’s true for you.

Have fun.  And please share in the comments.

~ This is part of my – more or less – weekly series that asks a compelling question, inviting you to look within. ~

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  1. Why Sandra–being a guy I thought about the obvious connotation. Men do see the world through their third eyes–and I don’t mean their pineal glands!

    • You really gave me a laugh! For some reason, I think you have the capacity to go beyond this particular way of viewing the world. On the other hand, maybe I should change to title of the blog post. But I’m not sure to what….the wands got to be in their somehow! I’ll think about it though.

      • Humor is always my opening salvo. But we can definitely can create tangible “magic” through our thoughts and resulting actions.

        And I refuse to indulge in a contest with any other guys’ perceptions of who has the biggest “magic wand.” I’m more concerned with being the most effective in making others happy! Always an excuse…

  2. Yes, it’s a guy thing. I thought of “that” wand too. When I read this I was already in the process of writing a post about a conscious change I made that has been gradual, but that has magically transformed my life. I decided to be nice, in any case much nicer than I had been. Now I feel like you and I were on a similar path at the same time. I like serendipity!

  3. Hi Mike,

    I think I will be laughing out loud every time I think of this post and my naivete. I have associations with a magic wand too but they happen to be an electrical one not the male one. Sorry, don’t mean to burst any egos there!

    “Being nice” is more the kind of magical wand I had in mind when I wrote this post. And that’s a wonderful contribution on your part. It shows that magic can be gradual, which is something we don’t always consider. I see how intentional it was in your example, which is also educational. I appreciate the serendipity too!

  4. This is a critical question for us to consider. We usually tend to limit ourselves and not letting us explore all the possibilities. It is always much easier to stay where we are and avoid taking risks. But if we really want to enjoy life we need to always look for opportunities to grow and change, and this question is an excellent way to consider “what is possible”.

  5. Hello Yuval,

    I agree with you and you have made some excellent point. Sometimes, it’s hard to do isn’t it? To get out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves. Working with it in a playful way like this can help nudge us out a bit.

    Thanks very much for taking a moment to comment. I appreciate it very much!

  6. I read the comments, went back to reread your post, and now am giggling at the double entendre. I think one thing I would love to change about me is the quantity of energy I have. I have too many interests and not enough energy to pursue even a few with the passion I would like to. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a dilettante because I lack the intense drive that I see in others around me.

    • Hi Jennifer!

      Glad you had a giggle too. That’s an interesting choice. Here’s to the magic of more energy! May it be so!

  7. I, too, had to go back and reread the post. I think I have been single too long because, I really had to stretch to figure out the double entendre.

    With neuroplasticity and, as Bob said above, the ability to create our reality with our thoughts, I already feel as if I have a magic wand. Really! There is more persistance than “POOF”, but it does work!

    If I had an instantaneous magic wand, I would wish my book complete in spectacular, flawless, engrossing form. However, then I would miss out on the learning and growth of actually writing it. Can I wish for that too?

    • Hi Debbie,

      I changed the title so the double entendre may not have been so obvious as when Bob and Mike responded.

      You do seem to have a magical wand and it has transformed so much for you. After I reflected on this person’s comment that I have a magical wand, the next morning I woke up and realized that I do in what I would call the nature of mind. But the ability of working with mind on a relative level if magical too. The two aspects complement each other. I like how you too, in addition to Mike, point out that it’s persistence that brings magic not necessarily “poof.”

      Now that’s an interesting challenge for the magic wand! The perfect book (poof!) and the perfect learning. May it be so!

  8. I guess men really are from Mars, because the guys (at least some of them) immediately found significance in the wand that women (at least some of them, me included), missed. Very funny.

    I suppose I should use a magic wand to bring world peace (a la Sandra Bullock’s hilarious movie Miss Congeniality), but really I resonated with Debbie’s wish to get her book finished and for it to be terrific.

    But my really truly deep down secret wish? As unenlightened as this is, I would still be tempted to wish that my son James was not autistic.

    • Hi Galen,

      Yes, this does really illustrate the Mars/Venus thing!

      Ms Congeniality is one of my favorite movies. I laughed so hard, I cried.

      That’s very honest of you to acknowledge your secret wish. I don’t know if that’s unenlightened. It seems compassionate to me.

  9. I usually make all my wishes for other people or to bless their happiness. This morning on my walk, something that I truly want came to mind and I acted on it.

    This time of the year folks are asking “What do you want for Christmas?” Or “What do you want for your life?”

    I suddenly dawned on me how I would like to stop worrying about money and I think I discovered the key. If I go over to the funeral alternatives office and set up a cremation plan, and obit and etc. and start paying for it at today’s prices, it would totally remove all that worry about being a burden on my children or leaving them a debt to clean up my act. I am already getting rid of things that weigh me down and I have a system of getting rid of paperwork a bit each year….this way I can just take care of each day as it presents itself and the needs to get by ….and so far the daily fare has not proven a burden….I just felt lighter and lighter with this discovery.

    I LOL’d about the guy thing! But I will tell you as a child one of the first things I spent my money on was a magic wand at the State Fair. I found a delightful one years ago filled with rainbow glycerin and I gave it to my neighbor who was worried about her family moving to England this year. I have two in my pencil jar right beside my computer – on has a star on top and the other has a pointing computer hand – finger shape…. I travel with a small one with a ladybug on its end. They remind me to Believe.

    • Patricia,

      What a beautiful intention to leave your children without financial burden. I hope your new steps remove your worry about being a financial burden. I like your regular system of simplifying. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to do that until almost nothing is left!

      I love that you actually have magic wands and they are a reminder to you to believe. There are so many skillful ways like this that we can support ourselves. I love the playful aspect of this one. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. Count me in the camp that missed the double entendre, but got it as soon as I read Bob’s comment 😉 Women are always walking into that one!

    I feel I can make many kinds of magic happen, and have made them happen–giving birth, raising my son, having a great relationship with him and his wife now that he’s grown up, I’ve written and published and painted and and exhibited, I’ve created gardens and gourmet meals, and lovely homes and wardrobes on a shoestring, and met and married my husband. (Of course I’ve had disasters in proportion to the magic, but we’re just talking about the magic here, right?)

    If I had a bona fide fairy tale magic wand, I’d wish for the missing link in me or my circumstances, the one that would enable me to earn a reliable living with my ability to create magic, particularly with my writing and art. I know in my soul that that in turn would enable me to expand the magic in my life, and not just for myself.

    • Meg,

      I love your celebration of the magic in your life. It was a great joy to hear about all these wonderful and magical accomplishment. I’m with you on your journey to find the magic link to earning a reliable living with your writing and art. Abracadabra, may it be so!

  11. I’m going to keep that ‘magic wand’ reference going, if y’all don’t mind 🙂

    Because I believe that love-making does indeed transform us – it IS magical.

    It’s electrifying sometimes, it makes two into one, it is the ultimate creative act. I
    t puts into action unexpressable feelings and releases stress and tension.
    It’s intimate and expansive and draws people together with intense power.

    With reverence, it is the highest expression of love and transformation and courage.


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