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This amazing video was recommended by my friend Joy as one of the most beautiful things she’s seen in a long time.  Enjoy!   Thank you so much, Joy.  You are one of the brightest stars!


Please pass on some happiness and joy by sharing the link with a friend.  With love, Sandra


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  1. Yes, I’ve heard the older man’s voice before. It’s Brother David Steindl-Rast from I wonder how the two men are related or if Louie Schwartzberg simply used the voice to accompany his images. Either way, it is lovely.

  2. Interesting! I’ll have to listen and look again! Very inspiring to know. Thanks Katie.

  3. Wow … simply wonderful! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. I love the wisdom from the elderly man especially , “It’s the one day that’s given to you today.” This is something we all need to remember as we take each day for granted. I know I’m guilty of that. Thanks for this wonderful reminder Sandra..

  5. I like that … “time and a sense of wonder.”

  6. Oh My God! I love the flower photography! Flowers are one of my favorite things. I think I was a bee in another life time;) Loved every second of this. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  7. Amelia Colvin

    How beautiful. We have so many gifts from nature. May I have the wisdom to point out all these natural treasures to my children as they grow up so that they may see the beauty that is all around.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I linked to your post on my blog just now. My theme this month is being in the present moment. Last month it was gratitude. This video is the perfect blend. Thanks for making my post easy to finish today!!

  9. Karen S.

    Thanks so much for this, I came over from Galen’s suggestion! So glad I did. Life is so wonderful when blessings surround us….I so enjoyed the little girl’s precious comments, but most of all the older gentleman his words and his soft gently voice I could listen to forever I think….the one main point, this one day, it is a gift and I hate sounding like I repeat myself but I do everyday pretty much speak about it or at least think about it…especially with each added gift of loved ones and friends and strangers we meet along the day…we are so blessed…!

    • Hi Karen,

      So glad you came by! I loved the little girl and old gentleman too. If only we could all remember that this one day is a gift! You are an inspiration in that way. Yes, we are all so blessed!

  10. Julie L. Johnson

    Beautimous…I close my eyes and WONDER what picture would rapidly unfold if my heart and soul were viewed through a time-lapse lens…is it vibrant…can you see the love….can you see our connectedness? Thank you for sharing…perfect for this day!

  11. Hi Sandra. I realize I haven’t connected with you for a little while. But it only takes an instant and I am connected again. This is a lovely offering, enjoyed it exuberantly. Galen Pearl was at my blog and sent me over. Blessings to you.

    • Christopher,

      I’m so glad you came over because I think of you often and miss you! I’ll come by for a visit soon as I love your writing and all the heart and soul that goes into it. Blessings to you!

  12. This was so lovely to watch…Thank you Galen for the link and Thank YOU for posting.
    It brought joy and gratitude into my day and my heart

  13. Hi Sandra,
    This video truly was one of the most beauty filled I’ve seen in a while. After watching it, I shared it with my friends..
    Even more poignant: I watched it in Starbucks, tears of gratitude streaming down my face, so thankful to be *alive* in that moment…then had to be rushed to the doctor’s for another round of tests..probably the most pain I have felt in my life…
    I sent out love and gratitude, then received it back in bucketfuls right when I most “needed” it..
    Just another affirmation of the possibility within Flow: when I open my heart through fear, I share and receive exactly what is necessary to thrive in the moment 🙂

  14. I loved this video and thank you so much for sharing it with us. Life is a precious gift and this video reminds us that it is.

  15. Paul Norden

    Thank you so much Sandra, and Joy too. This has made me think about gratitude and particularly appreciation. I’ve been feeling my heart open more over time now and sometimes flashes of gratitude and longing bring tears of joy, though these moments are rare. Mostly I’ve begun noticing things that I hadn’t before that quietly inform me about choices to make and ways to proceed throughout my day.

    Recently an article I read by Becky in the What Meditation Really Is blog ( helped me understand the subtlety of the habit of projection and how often it creates the misplaced response of ‘enemy’ and ‘friend’ that alter the openness and freshness present in any given moment. I feel grateful to Becky for sharing her insight.

    Lots of love, Paul

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