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September 2011 Review: Change

Autumn leaves symbol of change

Tammy Strobel and Gwen Bell have inspired me to try out a monthly review.

It might help me keep my feet on the ground!   And I hope it will help and inspire you in some way too.

Sudden Change

Like a sudden, dramatic fall storm, change seems to be popping out of nowhere and everywhere.  Is change touching or disrupting your life too?

Listening to one of the interviews in the Earth Changes series at Evolving Beings gave me a new perspective on change.  Apparently, there are many powerful planetary and astrological shifts in play at this time – like the Comet Elenin and the Uranas – Pluto Square (2011 – 2016).  These forces are shaking things up quite a bit for individuals and society.  Witness the Wall Street protests as one example.

It seems like a really good time to learn to dance with change, don’t you think?  We’re in this together so let’s support one another.

Trust, receptivity, living consciously, being responsible for your actions, coming from the heart, and realizing a sense of connectedness with all others will help you navigate these stormy seas.  Change itself is not good or bad.  It just is.  We can decide to flow with it or resist.  My initial temptation is to resist, but my aspiration and intention is to flow.

Flowing with Change

On a personal level, change threw me for a loop in September.  Believe me, anything you think will never change can and may indeed change.  It can happen in a flash.  What seemed familiar can instantly seem oddly unfamiliar and even foreign.

I felt the rug pulled out from under me, but it woke me right up to the truth of impermanence.   How could I have forgotten?  Holding on to a cozy, happily ever-after scenario will never work.  Everything changes at one point or another.

My personal life changes lit up many old stories,  learned imprintsdeceptive brain messages – from the past.  And possibly karmic imprints too.  I was overcome with pain and sadness for awhile.

What did I do?  I suffered at first.  But I also pulled it together and renewed my commitment to being in the present moment.  Instead of staying stuck in my story about what was happening, I allowed myself to be in my body and experience the painful emotions rather than pushing them away.

It’s not easy, but simply bringing awareness to and feeling how the painful emotions are manifesting in your body and being with the pain directly can bring healing and positive change. It doesn’t necessarily happen on the first try.  It takes persistence.

I also amped up my spiritual practice in various way.  I watched profound spiritual teachings on video.  They soothed, reassured, and held me.  I was reminded that my true essence is unchanging and that when I rest in that true essence all suffering dissolves.

I remembered my real purpose for being on this planet is to realize my true essence and serve others.  It’s not about clinging and attachment although it sometimes seems that way.  It’s not about getting sucked into the story in my head or the drama happening around me.   Yes, I’m very human.  I do get stuck sometimes.   That’s OK.  I will still love myself even when I am stuck.  It’s all fuel for transformation and part of the roller coaster ride.

And I reached out to others, magical spinners and weavers of love, light, and genuine care.

Love Is the Answer

I’ve continued my daily practice of Loving Kindness.

I feel more strongly than ever that love is the answer!  Self-love is the way to heal myself and purify those pesky imprints.  Extending love to others heals me and heals them too.  When we heal ourselves and heal each other, we also heal the planet.

But love must be in union with wisdom or it can become an ego-trip or neurotic martyrdom.

In moments when I felt struck by sadness, I focused on my heart, felt the pain, and remind myself,  “All the love I need is right here within me.”

Healing Delusion

Healing” is my 2011 word.  And a strong process of healing has been occurring all year long.   But all the emotional upheaval in September sped up my healing considerably.  So many unconscious forces have bubbled to the surface this year; unlike any previous year.  I’ve seen the face of dysfunctional patterns, ones that have “protected” me my entire life in one way.  But imprisoned me in many other ways.  It’s painful to see the shadows, but liberating too.

I now see more clearly that my first priority is healing delusion:  all the  living in my conceptual story about the world instead of seeing and being in the world as it is.  Physical healing is secondary.

Through the Needle

But there’s movement on the physical front too.  I received several trace mineral I. V. treatments in September.  It’s ironic that there are so many people starving in the world, while many of us in “developed” countries have damaged digestive systems to the point that we can’t enjoy the abundance of food that is available to us.

Most people find these I.V. nutrient treatments a breeze.  The substances are very pure, but they are in a slightly hyper-tonic solution and so can cause mild irritation to the veins.  But that wasn’t the main problem.  The first time, after an hour, the muscle or arterial spasm that gradually built up was so painful, I couldn’t continue.  That’s not normal.

To counter this, the next time we used a local anesthetic, procaine (novocaine).  I reacted to that in still other ways. Later I learned that ester anesthetics are not recommended for people with mast cell disorders.  Interestingly, people who react to procaine are not usually reacting to the procaine itself but to PABA.  Procaine metabolizes into PABA, an aromatic hydrocarbon.  The next time, we used lidocaine and a very slow drip; the I. V. worked like a charm.  I still feel some irritation by the end of the treatment, but it’s manageable.

As a result of these reactions, my husband found the medicalert system for me.  The MedicAlert Foundation is a nonprofit organization providing 24-hour emergency medical information and identification service.  This is a handy service if you would like an emergency response team or hospital to be aware of your medical history, allergies, intolerances, and special needs.

Align Your Website

I signed on for Gwen Bell’s Align Your Website e-course which began at the end of August and continues for 12 weeks.

I’m not planning a major overhaul of my blog.  I actually quite pleased with the current theme.  People say there’s a tranquil and serene ambiance at Always Well Within.  What do you think?  I’ll admit I was tempted to change themes after seeing the new style timethief gave to both her blogs, but I stood strong.

I was drawn to Gwen’s course because I like her commitment to expressing her genuine self.  I also appreciate the way she weaves a spiritual perspective into her writing.  And it was affordable…unlike many online courses offered these days – even those offered by bloggers I have appreciated in the past.

Sometimes, I wonder, have bloggers gone mad?

Gwen’s course is helping me think through how my site is organized and how it expresses my core values and intention.  I’m looking forward to her tips on writing too. You probably won’t see major changes here, but rather quiet tweaks.

My digital discipline went by the wayside a bit as soon as I started working again in September.   But I am spending less time on social media, one of my goals!   And I don’t feel on digital overwhelm.   I just need to set some time aside each week for digital housekeeping.

October Preview

More change, I presume.  I would like to focus more on writing when some time frees up.  And I’m learning to take better care when it comes to finances, which appears to be on my cosmic calendar for a few years to come.

Sandi Amorin at Deva Coaching is focusing on self-care the entire month of October.  She kindly asked me to write a guest post on the topic which will appear in the second half of the month.  But why wait for me!  Just pop on over there now and get the goods on self-care.  You deserve it.

How was your September?  Has change been touching you?  What do you think about monthly reviews?  I would love to hear from you.

If you enjoyed this article, please share the link with your friends.  Thanks for your support!  You can also connect with me on Google+ or the Always Well Within Facebook Page.  With love, Sandra


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  1. Sweetest Sandra,
    I do love the idea of a monthly review. I think you have just inspired me to do one of my own 🙂 And yes oh yes, so many changes are happening on this end tooo…!
    I do wish I had known about align your website sooner, I’d surely have signed up…but I know I can shoot you an email anytime for website tips. Thats the fun of have friends we truly harmonize with na 🙂
    Sending you lots of love and glitter for another FULL of NEW month ahead.

    • I would love to read your monthly review! I hope you try it out. I like the way you think about it as “new” instead of “change” !!!!!

      I love harmonizing with you. 🙂

  2. Janette

    Are you aware this format does not work well with I pad?

    Great post.

  3. Savy

    This is something I enjoy doing… I had ended an old blog of mine and created this one…here I have a monthly post about my experiences… but in very short. over time I found myself re visiting my old blog and writing there again… This time to over view the past….
    Great idea.

  4. Hi Sandra,
    I like the idea of a monthly review but making the time to compose and publish one seems intimidating. 🙂

    You made me smile when you referred to the changes I made to both of my blogs. The feedback I received from mobile users was “please get rid of the mobile theme”, so I disabled that function. The feedback I got from iPad users was “please turn off that iPad option”, so I complied and disabled it. I liked the Chateau theme but it is very wide and the sidebar does display on smaller monitors unless one scrolls horizontally. I also like Manifest but you were using it and I decided not to be a mimic. I tried out Comet but it lacked some features I like. Finally, I chose the Twenty Eleven theme simply because it resizes automatically for visitors. Quintus is the other theme that does that too but the coloring is too somber for me.

    I haven’t been a reader of Gwen Bell’s blog. I visited her blog briefly and though I was put off by the design and size of the font on her blog I did read some of what is there. I like her guiding principles very much but I was not enticed by what I read there about the course. The following does not describe me at all and in fact are a total turn-off:

    This is for you if you
    Want to hear how I transitioned my site from not paying the bills to paying the bills
    Want to start paying the bills with your own website, and want clarity on how to do that

    Perhaps I’ll visit her blog another time and my impression may be different then.

    I’m sorry your trace mineral I. V. treatments in September didn’t go well at first and pleased to hear that lidocaine and a very slow drip worked well for you. October is bound to bring more change as all months do. I hope every change you experience is one that leads to unexpected opportunities for self-expression.

    May you be well and happy,
    With much love,

    • timethief,

      I know what you mean about the time it takes to add a regular post to your blog, and my review this month is rather long. Tammy at Rowdy Kitten’s has perfected the art of a brief monthly review. I see it’s possible! I suspect mine will get shorter if I do them regularly, but who knows!

      The twenty-eleven theme has really nice features. But mostly I’m inspired by the visual creativity you bring to whatever theme you use. There are thousands of people using Manifest so it wouldn’t bother me in the least if you chose it too. We’re drawn to the same kinds of themes (Comet, Quintus) but often reject them for similar reasons!

      Gwen Bell has a unique personality and style that may not resonate for everyone. Guess it’s the same with all of us. I didn’t take her course to learn about making money. That’s only one piece of a much bigger picture of aligning your site with your core values and message. We’re half way through the course and there has been no focus on making money so far.

      You’re right! Every month brings change. Every moment in fact!

      It’s nice to hear from you!

  5. Hi Sandra,

    Change is my favourite topic so I had to comment. It’s been such a long time since I’ve done this so I am still trying to shake off my blog rust haha!

    Like you September was a month of great change for me and I had to struggle to adjust to the changes which caught me offguard. Nothing lasts forever that is why we cannot afford to assume otherwise or be complacent.

    In working past the pain and healing, I too had to accept the reality and to let all my emotions flow through me. Only then could I deal with the change in status quo and heal as best as I could. It also helped for me to try to see the bigger picture involved in this great change so I would understand or at least gain a better perspective of why things were happening this way. I am grateful for my past experiences for without them, I could never have coped with this change and may have fared worse than I have.

    But this change also drove home the need for a return to spirtuality to help center myself once more.

    I like your blog the way it is. There is definitely a sense of serenity and tranquility about it. More importantly, it is what definies you and your unique style. I think there is no need to be anything other than yourself.

    The monthly review is a good idea. It helps to step back once in awhile to see where we are and where we wish to be so we don’t end up just anywhere.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article! 🙂

    Irving the Vizier

    • Hello Irving!

      I’m so happy you have come by! I feel such an empathy for the change you have recently passed through. I know what you mean by being caught off guard! I especially like what you said about allowing all the emotions to flow through you. I myself realized that I needed to feel the challenging emotions in my body so that I could actually release them. This was illuminating for me.

      Like you, my spiritual practice is amplified and this is a real blessing. I feel more strongly connected with the my true purpose. There is a blossoming happening though like the image of the lotus it’s taking some trekking through mud. I appreciate how you look for the lessons in whatever life presents to you.

      Thanks for your input on my blog!

      Your visit feels very auspicious. I feel the gathering of healing forces all around me. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your wisdom. All my love to you.

  6. Dear Sandra,

    I “see” you and I “hear” you – and I am so grateful for you. Everything you said resonates so much with me and what is taking place within the collective and within our personal paths.

    And thank you for sharing so openly about your personal changes. I think we need this right now, as many people feel alone thinking that it is only happening to them. And it isn’t about dwelling on the negative, hard or painful but about acknowledging what is and then finding supportive ways to move through it. The support and ideas you have shared above are so valuable.

    I have had so many stories from others in September of major changes and experienced quite a few personally that I feel it is time to share something more about this too at this time. A part of me just wants to go into a state of meditative stillness, and I honestly have not felt like writing much the past few weeks, but I think this is a good time to share something again about these changes on a personal and collective level too. In fact, as I mention in this article, it was a your blog that I found a bolster of strength and courage!

    Sending you lots of courage and love 🙂

    • Thank you, dear heart!

      This resonated in particular, “And it isn’t about dwelling on the negative, hard or painful but about acknowledging what is and then finding supportive ways to move through it.” It doesn’t work for our benefit to resist nor does it work to overly dwell, does it? Finding the right balance – this is the essence of what I hear in this part of your comment.

      I understand why you might want to go into meditative stillness at this point in time! Sometimes I just want to withdraw into a cave myself. But knowing your wisdom on this topic, I agree, that if you feel so inclined, this would be a good time to share something again about these changes on a personal and collective level.

      Thank you for “seeing” me and “hearing” me. That means so much to me.

      All my love to you.

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