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Don’t We All Have a Fragile Heart?

My eyes opened and I saw within you a lifetime of pain and rejection.  Hidden, as it was, behind your strong persona – the crystal clear fragility.

Forgive me for every petty unkindness, harsh word, moment of dismissiveness, and the pervasive non-seeing.

Now I see.  Is there anyone in this world that does not have a fragile heart?  May I never wound another ever again in any way.

And may we all transform our pain into pure love.


What a Beautiful World It Could Be!


September 2011 Review: Change


  1. This is beautiful. For a very long time I have always talked about the ‘fragile ones’ meaning those who find it hard to cope with the harshness of the world. Since dad passed away, i feel as if i have crossed over into this territory, and it tastes familiar. Oh how we need to learn to be kind to one another, for in the end kindness, love, compassion, gentling each other into existence, ..does anything else matter?

    • Hello Edith,

      You have a wonderful sensitivity. This is a vulnerable time for you and I’m glad you are seeing that and not pushing it away. Please take care! Your question highlights the heart of the matter. Really, does anything else matter?

  2. Dear Sandra,

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing this insight, which sounds like it was borne out of your own practice and sensitivity. The timing is just perfect as I am visiting family this week and feel challenged by many aspects of that… your words remind me to open up to a deeper level of seeing, feeling, and compassion.


    • You’re welcome, Maia. Yes, it was born from my own pain. I wish you well on your visit with your family. I know that can be tricky and also a good ground for insight and growth. Thanks for your appreciation.

  3. I vote for the purest love. Perhaps it might be impossible not to hurt at all, for nature of things and ours itself, includes to hurt. But there are wounds for well. Pure love may heal and overcome all pain in a positive way for spirit.

    • That’s beautiful, Jorge. Yes, it’s probably impossible to not hurt at all in this world as just eating brings suffering to other beings. But it’s said that it’s powerful to have such aspirations. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Savy

    These are very beautiful words…. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. Just beautiful! Spoke to my heart.

  6. Jay Schryer

    This is really and truly beautiful. I wish that we could all learn to see each other like this, and to treat each other this way. I try, but sometimes my own fragile heart gets hurt and I lose this vision. Thanks for opening my eyes again.

    • Thank you, Jay. That means so much coming from you. Yes, it’s like a circle of fragile hearts hurting one another. But I see change and kindness and so much positivity emerging all around me.

  7. That was beautiful. Blessings to you.

  8. Beautiful Sandra! I’ve known those moments of accidentally wounding another without awareness. I’d love to never have it happen again. Reading your words, reminds me why I strive to be more and more conscious and conscientiousness.

    Yes we all have a fragile part to us, even the strongest.

    • Thank you, Aileen. Yes, we all wound each other wittingly and unwittingly. It takes a commitment and being conscious to turn away from this. I’m inspired you are so dedicated to avoiding hurt!

  9. So true.

    I think we all get by with a little help from our friends. We always have to be our own best friend though … it makes us a better friend to others. Life seems like a constant reflection in the mirror.

    I remember Tony Robbins saying once how when he really needed the support, people thought he was strong enough to stand on his own.

    One of my favorite take aways from Peaceful Warrior was that sometimes the ones that are the toughest to love, need it the most.

    • These are all wonderful points, JD. The one that resonates for me most strongly is that we always have to be our own best friend. The Tony Robbins story is an interesting one. It does underscore that we are all fragile at times. Thanks!

  10. Amelia Colvin

    So beautifully written Sandra, straight to my heart. You communicate such softness and I feeling a re-assurance,much more than words actually – like a message within a hug. A wonderful reminder that we all hurt – and we can heal each other with a simple gesture; a smile, a text message, a little physical touch. I find that my heart is so much more open to receive and give love when I hurt. My you be happy and well.

    • Hi Amelia,

      I’m touched that this message went “straight to your heart”. I like your ideas for healing each other. All these simple ways can add up! May you be well and happy too.

  11. Thank you, this was a timely reminder for me to be more conscientious of my words. I forget how much impact they have when I’m the one speaking them. I’m all for pure love!

  12. I wanted to add that deepening our sensitivity and growing our love is admission of our own personal power, and that can be a frightening thing.

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