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What a Beautiful World It Could Be!

To heal and transform this world into a dynamic, peaceful realm where unity and happiness abides – it is possible – we need to activate “The Girl Effect” that resides within each and every one of us.

It doesn’t matter if you are a girl, a boy, a woman, or a man.  Each of us is mix of the masculine and feminine principles.  Neither is better or worse.  We need both.

But we need the masculine and feminine in balance. 

The masculine paradigm has been on overkill in our world, literally and figuratively, for far too long.  It’s far past time to balance it out with feminine qualities like:

  • intuition
  • nourishment
  • receptivity
  • an open heart and the ability to respond from the heart
  • recognizing and honoring the interconnectedness of all beings

Don’t get me wrong.  The feminine isn’t just soft.  She can strike with alarming clarity and enormous power.

So today, please reflect on how you can bring “The Girl Effect” alive in you.

And, take a step to  support girls around the world.  Here’s how.

According to Tara Sophia Mohr, the founder of The Girl Effect Blogging Campaign:

“The Girl Effect” is a powerful idea: by investing in girls in the developing world, we make an incredibly effective investment in eradicating poverty, creating thriving communities, and slowing the spread of AIDS.

Check it out in this short, mind-boggling video:


Then visit The Girl Effect website, where you can make a difference today.  You can donate, you can spread the word, you can learn more.  In fact, more than 117 bloggers are writing about “The Girl Effect” between October 4 – 11, 2011.  You can be one of them.

Thank you for considering “The Girl Effect.”

Please share the link to this post with your friends.  Thank you for your support.  You can also connect with me on Google+ or the Always Well Within Facebook Page.  With love, Sandra


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  1. Sandra,
    What a wonderful message to share – and I love how you have focused upon how we can all live the Girl Effect…no matter who we are. And when we do this…we do make a difference…

  2. Sandra,
    I love this line: The feminine isn’t just soft. She can strike with alarming clarity and enormous power. And the photo you’ve chosen is an eye catcher. I’m sending love to all the girls today. Thanks for being part of the girl effect.

    • Tess,

      There are some really wild dakinis (feminine manifestations) in Tibetan Buddhism! That’s where this stream of understanding comes from.

      Love to you!

  3. I’ve long been a fan of the Yin and Yang combo. I studied Kung-Fu early on and I always liked the idea of balancing powerful, complimentary forces.

  4. The world would do well to realise that the masculine and the feminine are meant to complement each other, not overpower. This is a beautiful message, Sandra, and I am going to pass it on.

    • Thank you so much, Priya! You’ve really captured the main point. I wish you well with your writing. Thanks for taking a moment to comment.

    • Well said Priya. If we all lived in harmony instead of constant conflict, the world could indeed be a far better place.

  5. I so much agree with you, Sandra, about the balance of masculine and feminine in the world and in ourselves. I am being mindful these days of when one facet or the other of me is overtaking my own life, my nearby community, and the world–and then taking action (or non-action, in some cases! 🙂 to balance out. Enjoying your blog! ~Heather

    • Thank you, Heather. I appreciate how mindful you are on this topic and these forces. I’m focusing on being more receptive these days. Thanks so much for your comment. Be well!

  6. Sandra, this is a wonderful piece! Brilliant!

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