In his article Love the Bombs, the popular personal development blogger Steve Palvina asks,

“Do you feel that poverty, war, famine, disease, imprisonment, etc. are all negative experiences that we should avoid as much as possible? Are these scourges that we must rid the planet of? Are they terrible things for anyone to have to experience?”

The vast majority would answer “yes” – don’t you think?  I bet Palvina would probably add global warming into the mix too.  He  goes on to explain his logic,

“These experiences have been with us for a long time for a very good reason. They help us grow. And so we’re going to continue creating them as long as they continue to serve that purpose so well.”

According to Palvina, there’s no point in trying to change the world,

“You’re not going to change these aspects of reality, not because you don’t care about people, but because deep down there’s a part of you that recognizes the intrinsic value of such experiences, even if you’re not ready to consciously acknowledge that.”

He concludes that “the world is perfect as it is”.  Palvina says that what really needs attention is your relationship to it.

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