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The Breath of Life

“The first tool for relaxing the body and removing the blockages in the life energy is the breath.  All we need at any moment is to exhale deeply and allow the new breath to enter our being naturally.  With every exhalation, we release piled-up stresses, physical tension, and FEAR.  Deep exhalation empties us so we can receive more fully the next inhalation and its life-giving energy.  Now the life energy can move more fluidly through out system.  We can be refreshed and enlivened by the breath – ‘the purified essence of life.'”

– Alice Burmeister, The Touch of Healing

Question for Reflection

When I read this selection, I was struck by how powerful the breath actually is.  It reminded me to tune into my breath.  I realized how little attention I give it.  How about you?

“How is your breathing?  Are you breathing consciously?  Do you tap into the power of the breath?

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  1. Very true Sandra. I pay little attention to my breathing, and when I do it’s usually when I’m out in nature. I also realized recently that my face holds a lot of tension that I’m not aware of … until I am. Deep breathing helps relax my body, my face and by the sounds of the quote, it might just be about unblocking energy. Interesting.

    • This has been the case for me too, Katie. Now I’ve started some breathing practices in the morning. I loved this quote! It’s been a great reminder for me.

  2. Last year, I started trying to shift my breathing from my usual shallow breathing to belly breathing. It makes a huge difference in how I feel.

    Also, I heard this question somewhere–Do we breathe or are we being breathed? Have you heard that before? I don’t know the source. Interesting concept, yes?

    • Hi Galen,

      It’s interesting that you notice it makes a huge difference for you. That encourages me! Thanks.

      That is an interesting question although I don’t fully get the sense of it.

      • It does make a huge difference, both in general and also on the spot. If I start to get agitated or stressed about something, I can consciously start to belly breathe, and I feel more calm and relaxed and able to deal with whatever is going on.

        The question, at least to me, suggests the concept of the universe or energy or whatever, breathing out as we are breathing in, breathing in as we are breathing out. Like CPR I guess. That exhange of breath. I like it because it connects all breathing beings to that single energy. Hmm, not sure I articulated that very well. When I heard the question, it seemed almost like a koan. I think about it now and then. I like the shift in perspective it gives me. I’m sure other people would have a different take on it.

  3. Just love the image you have chosen and thanks for the reminder- I know I forget to breath on a regular basis – do it consciously when doing % tibetans and other exercise- need to be become more conscious of eh breath and do some belly breathing


    • I loved this image too, Suzie. I wish I could use it in multiple places! I’m with you on getting more conscious of my breathing. Even responding to comments, I can do that! I’m experimenting right now!

  4. Hello Sandra,
    Thanks for the just breathe reminder. Everyone has a natural pattern of breathing and when I took vocal training I became aware of how powerful breathing and breath control can be. I learned that I was a chest breather and also how to control my breath which in turn changed the volume, strength, range and sound I produced. I also learned the diaphragm is a muscle that creats a vacuum that causes our lungs to fill with air. It presses down on the internal organs which in turn causes my belly to expand outward. When it relaxes, that air is expelled out of the lungs and the belly returns to normal. This is called, “belly breathing.” I still tend to be a chest breather like most Westerner females, but when I’m mindful I automatically become a belly breather. And I use deep breathing as a technique for reducing stress and increasing energy.

    P.S. I like the image you chose.

    • Hi timethief,

      This is very informative. Thank you. I’m sure that vocal training does wonders for conscious breathing. Belly breathing is where it’s at. I’ve just started breathing practices during my morning session again after this wonderful reminder quote.

      I also found this to be such a beautiful image! I’m glad you like it too. Seems very much in your style.

  5. I need to focus more on breathing and especially mediation. It’s one of those things I know would benefit me hugely. I do a walking meditation on the beach in the mornings. By that I mean I walk, I breathe and I don’t do much else:) I look forward to it immensely!

    • Your time on the beach sounds perfect, Annabel! Perhaps you can sneak in a bit more of formal breathing and meditation too. It’s so nourishing. Thanks for the visit!

  6. I have been paying more attention to breathing lately also. I take short breaks while I’m at work and walk down the hall. I try to stand up nice an straight so I can take deep breaths, and I spends a few minutes just walking and breathing. Doing this helps release any tension that gathers during the workday.

  7. Sandra, I started gentle yoga a couple of months ago, and that was the first time I really relaxed enough to learn about my breath. I’m still l;earning but it does take practice, just like anything else. It’s very difficult for me to focus on my breathing outside the classroom when I’m driving or writing. Now I shall pay attention.

    • Good for you, Sonia. I’m so glad you are getting time in for gentle yoga. It’s all about habits, isn’t it? It takes a little time to change the habits and start remembering the breath. This is what I’m practicing too. Thanks for your thoughts.

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