“The first tool for relaxing the body and removing the blockages in the life energy is the breath.  All we need at any moment is to exhale deeply and allow the new breath to enter our being naturally.  With every exhalation, we release piled-up stresses, physical tension, and FEAR.  Deep exhalation empties us so we can receive more fully the next inhalation and its life-giving energy.  Now the life energy can move more fluidly through out system.  We can be refreshed and enlivened by the breath – ‘the purified essence of life.'”

– Alice Burmeister, The Touch of Healing

Question for Reflection

When I read this selection, I was struck by how powerful the breath actually is.  It reminded me to tune into my breath.  I realized how little attention I give it.  How about you?

“How is your breathing?  Are you breathing consciously?  Do you tap into the power of the breath?

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