Protective Sphere

I’ve been thinking about vulnerability and protection lately.  It came up in a funny way.

Recently, I went for a rather long health treatment – an infusion of trace  minerals.   I intuitively brought a sarong to cover my legs.  I was wearing shorts, so I didn’t need to cover my legs.  But I knew I would feel better with a light coverlet.  More protected, less vulnerable.  I honored my inner voice.

This is a subtle example, not a dramatic one.  But it keenly raised my awareness of feeling slightly vulnerable and needing to provide myself with a sense of protection.

There are probably countless times in any given week when we feel vulnerable like this.  And chances are the circumstances are more emotionally loaded – from an unkind remark to an irate boss to full on harassment.

Do you know when you feel vulnerable or overwhelmed?  When you feel you need a sense of protection?

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