Note:  This is a guest post by Adrienne Jurado from Experience Life Fully.

When was the last time you said, “Oh I would love to, but…” Or, “I wish I could, but…

“I’m just too busy.”

It seems like no matter what time of year or what day of the week, we are always too busy.

There are so many things throughout the day that demand our attention, things that must get done, like work or school.

There are the things we feel we should be doing. House chores. Catching up on email. Exercising. Volunteering.

Then there are things we really want to do. Spending time with pets, kids, family, and friends.  Traveling. Relaxing. Making a valuable contribution.

Every day, we are pulled in so many directions — so many people vying for our attention. It can even get to the point where the things and people we enjoy become a burden to us.

We end up stressed and overwhelmed.

It’s a slippery slope — once you start going down, it can be really difficult to regain your footing.

Pretty soon, you’re not getting enough sleep and you have very little energy. You start drinking more coffee, eating more sugary junk, and feeling too burnt out to exercise.  You’re too tired to focus and really accomplish much of anything.

All of that weight  can become uncomfortable, and your “must dos, should do, and want to dos” start turning into “don’t want to dos, can’t dos, and won’t dos.”

So how can we stop this vicious cycle before it completely bogs us down? How do we remove this weight so we can bring our minds back to a state of ease — a place where we are energized, motivated, and focused?

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