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Your Energy Pie

Apple Pie

While our energy might seem boundless when we are young, in reality it’s limited.

I felt depleted one or two days this past week.  This led me to consider how I am dividing up my energy pie.  For example, thinking takes considerable energy.  It takes energy to work with challenging emotions and situations.  It takes energy to heal.  And we haven’t even started on work yet.

I was reminded that without making conscious choices, there’s the possibility of using up one’s fuel in the wrong areas. Or running dry.

Question for reflection:

How much energy do you have?  How do you want to use it?  What’s your energy pie look like?  Is it divided into the right pieces?

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  1. As we grow older, we really understand the finiteness of our energy and hopefully learn to use it wisely. The internet can be an excellent case study for many of us LOL.

    • Riley,

      That’s a good point about how we become more cognizant of our energy levels as we grow older. Often, it’s hard when we’re younger and don’t immediately see the consequences of burning the candle at both ends.

  2. Having a brain injury really limits your mental energy while healing and thereafter I have found. It is not altogether a bad thing as it forced me to consciously choose and pay attention to where I put my energy. It made me very aware that it is a limited resource. The same is true for non injured brains.

    I do not mean to be rude, but I refuse not waste it chit chatting with the neighbor or live chatting with someone on Facebook or watching some senseless TV.

    I just read an article that addresses this so well.

    • Debbie,

      I’m inspired to see how cognizant you are of this issue and how you consciously choose where you put your energy. Loved the article. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Hi Sandra,
    I understand how you’re feeling. I’ve been feeling so tired lately too. I think when you take on too much it drains you.
    This is a great exercise Sandra.
    “5 slices” feels right.
    2 slices devoted to daily work and one big project.
    1 slice for relationships and social activities
    1 slice for exercise and fitness
    1 slice for free time
    That’s my pie!

  4. I’ve never thought of my energy as a pie before. (Mmm….pie…fresh peaches…I know what I’m doing this weekend!) I’m not a very high energy person, so I often don’t seem to have much leftover. Probably too much energy goes into work, and then into writing (or thinking about writing…somehow, most of what I do involves writing). I could use a little more for my relationships and creative hobbies!

  5. It would be sliced into four equal quarters:
    One for my children.
    One for my wife.
    One for my spiritual being.
    One just for me.


  6. How relevant this is to me as I build my energy through healing and relaxation, and doing only what feels good.
    I feel my energy being dissipated as i think of all the things that are incomplete and then there is what I need to let go of to move into this new way of being the universe has given me the opportunity to embrace and become.
    I like Alex’s 4 they come from the heart.
    Mine would be as my life is now
    I slice: My spiritual being, then my physical well being, one just for me- doing only that the makes me feel good, one for Des, my soulmate and our special partnership and one for community, relationship and social – make more time for this.
    Thanks for asking

    • Suzie,

      How true, when we are rebuilding our energy through healing and relaxation, it definitely puts us more in touch with our energy levels and gives and opportunity to see how we want to use our energy. You have a beautiful mix too. I see places I may need to expand!

  7. I’ve been going through a rough patch. Until you said it in this post, I didn’t even think about how much energy is required for thinking and challenging situations. It explains why I’ve felt exhausted for months.

    I’m an introvert and my energy levels are generally pretty low. Not quite ready to divide up my pie yet, but I’m starting to think about what I want to spend my time on, to balance the things I have to spend my time on.

    • Susan,

      I think most of us don’t realize how much energy thinking actually takes. I’m glad it’s coming to light in these discussion. Hope your rough patch smooths out a bit and this reflections helps find a good balance. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I like your take on being a “confidence introvert.”

  8. Hi Sandra,
    What we do arises out of intentions and our intentions are present expressions of our attitudes that arise from our understanding. In reflection we can correct any misunderstanding and consider how we can do better. The key is in that reflection. One of the Buddha’s constant exhortations is ‘wise reflection’.

    I have been learning that healing and rising levels of consciousness don’t happen when I’m using my energy elsewhere. When my energy stores have been low I have recharged by spending less time online and more time alone.

    This summer I invested more time in offline relationships, art, gardening and making music. I started scheduling my two meditation practice periods first and then planning around them. Scheduling that “down-time” motivated me to take an honest look at how and on what I have been focusing my attention on when I’m not on vacation. I’ll be making some adjustments to how I slice up my energy pie this autumn and my “down-time” slice will be a bigger one than it has been previously.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration all year round.

    Love and peace,

    • timethief – It seems like you have been through a powerful process of clarification. This has happened to me over the summer too. I’m beginning to realizing that healing and health challenges take time. Like you, I am finding that the best way to honor myself is to slice the energy pie up correct so those vital elements are given their due share. It’s exciting to hear how you are successfully adjusting, recharging, and finding more peace. Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. This is very simple but I like it. Just like pie. And potent. Like a rhubarb one.
    Thank you! 🙂

  10. Energy is like time, really needs to be managed well. Right now my energy centers in reaching my goals.

  11. Hi Sandra — thanks for this — I’ve decided that the greatest drains on my energy happen when I don’t admit to people what’s actually going on for me, and I keep everything to myself because I think it’s necessary for my survival, to keep making money, to look cool, etc. I have so much more energy when I’m honest about what I’m feeling and I’m not pushing it down.

    • This is a deep perspective, Chris. I think it can sometimes be challenging to look so deeply and be honest with both ourselves and others. But I agree, it’s an energy drain when we’re not honest in a respectful way. Thanks for adding this subtle element to the conversation.

  12. Hmm, well, my first thought was that that pie looks delicious and I’d like a piece! But I don’t think that was your point. My energy pie is divided up pretty well these days. Perhaps because I’ve scaled back the number of things I devote my energy to. I still, however, wish to do more and have more time. So hard to realize that if I had twice as much time and twice as much energy, I would find that much more I want to do! Trying to stay present and mindful, and seeing that as the most desirable use of my time and energy helps keep things in perspective.

  13. Hmmm . . . suddenly I feel hungry . . .

    One reason I like your pie metaphor is because it illustrates finitude–a pie is finite, as is our energy. As you say, our energy is limited. The pie “forces” us to accept this. There are only a limited number of slices.

    Hard to accept at times, perhaps, but it is reality nonetheless.

    • Sean,

      I think you’ve hit on the most important point of this article when you underline “finite.” I’m also fascinated by the interconnections between the pieces. If I do too much of one, it diminishes the others automatically. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

  14. I’ve been exhausted this past week. Maybe it’s the transition back to school or back to a routine for me. I love thinking about it in terms of an energy pie. Alex’s pie was perfect! If only mine could be better balanced.

  15. MImi Sternberg

    It’s so true. I have alot going on right now, and I am surprised at how my energy is depleted, given how well I have been feeling. It requires me to slow down and take each moment. Tsok Nye Rinpoche taught on how our subtle body can also drain or effect our energy. I HAVE to be mindful or my body reminds me that I’m not. It’s a constant balancing act.

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