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What Would You Do If You Lived in Fukushima?

Sunflowers for Fukushima

In the midst of darkness, there is light.

Invisible Snow is the touching story of a Buddhist monk who initiated the planting of millions of sunflowers, which are believed to absorb radiation coming from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

If you have a few extra minutes (only 4), please don’t miss it.  Oh, and this blog post title is a good question for reflection too!


Thank you to mike edelman  for sharing the link on Google+  // Image:  public domain

Please spread the inspiration by sharing the link.  With love, Sandra


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  1. What a wonderfully inspiring example of how we can respond to huge challenges in life. This seemingly small effort, even if it does not reduce the radiation, calls for people to put forth healing energy and positiveness. It also allows them to do something in a situation where they are very powerless.

  2. Pat

    Hi Sandra, what a wonderful gesture of the Monk to help with the clean up. Here is another website that has more useful information for those who may be considering this method.

    Stay in touch

    • Pat,

      Thanks for this link! The additional information is very helpful.

      I see how this type of effort is a short term answer and may help to reduce the impact of radiation in a short term way. The challenge, as your link articulates, is the disposal of the sunflowers which have accumulated the radiation. The only long term solution is to stop using nuclear power.

      So nice to “see” you hear. All my love.

  3. Sandra, thank you for posting this. Very moving.

  4. I’m glad it was meaningful for you! Thanks for letting me know.

  5. Great video Sandra. Thanks for sharing. What I took from it is this: Life doesn’t always go as planned. Take what is and always make the best of it.

  6. That’s a great lesson!

  7. The monk’s response was really something to look up to. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle such situation, I could have gone far away from that place. Being able to think for the possible solutions to an alarming situation like that in Fukushima is a gift from God. I love this post Sandra. It was a good decision to subscribe to your posts. Thank you for this inspiring and beautiful post.

    • Your welcome, Christy. I really admire this monk. He really has a heart of compassion, which helps us think bigger and beyond our own worries and concerns. Thanks for your kind words.

  8. Thank you for sharing this empowering video! It allows me to think about what seeds am I planting and how do I choose to share the abundance in my life…

  9. Dearest Sandra, this moved me to tears. Such courage and generous heart this man has. What a spirit!! His soul/sole focus is hope and life. I REALLY resonate with that.

    I was just thinking how my yard has been FULL of huge sunflowers all summer, like a mini forest in places. I did not know they absorb radiation in this way. I was just drawn to their brilliant life-giving yellow.

    You are have a remarkable spirit Sandra. So glad you are in my life. Much love to you. Robin.

    • Robin, I was so deeply moved too! Hope and life – that’s a good way to sum it up. I’m glad you are surrounded by that life-giving yellow.

  10. Sandra, thanks for sharing the video. The sunflowers are something beautiful made from such a devastating disaster. Remembering the tragedy, that they are still trying to overcome is enormous. It does make me think about what I can do about my life’s obstacles and how to make the best of it. Yes, I do see sunflowers in a different way……so inspiring.


  11. Why must mankind suffer the American Corporate Uranium fissioning paradigm? tells of an effort bu China to fission Thorium, purported to be much safer. Americans cannot do this too?

  12. Yes, the tragedy is huge! We shouldn’t forget that either. It does put our own life into perspective. Thanks for your thoughts.

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