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Breaking Routine

A question for reflection:

Is there something I can do today to break my usual routine and experience a different aspect of my being?


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  1. Sandra,
    I love this reflection: so many cling to routine as they create, often on autopilot as they move through their day.
    I have the opposite challenge..I live very present to the moment and there is little routine in my life. When I create, I often wonder how to build routine into the practice of unfolding and how my creations would differ if i was able to do so…

    • Joy,

      That’s a very interesting turnaround! There are some great spiritual masters like Suzuki Roishi who find freedom in discipline and routine. For example, they practice meditation everyday at a set time. When I was on a formal group retreat, one of the main pieces of advice was not to fight the schedule. Many people do that and it gives them lots of suffering. Freedom is really an attitude of mind.

      At the same time, great spiritual masters are also tuned into the moment. They do the appropriate thing for the moment at hand; they don’t operate out of concepts and aren’t stuck in routine.

      I will be curious to see how your exploration of flow and routine evolves!

  2. Hi Sandra,
    Great suggestion. I’m at my office today – that breaks my routine. I have to get dressed in “real” clothes and interact with people. It’s a nice break from my lonely little office at times.

    • Hi Angela,

      It’s interesting how shifting your routine shows you the sense of loneliness you sometimes feel working alone. Working alone can be lonely sometimes, can’t it? I think that’s one reason I waste too much time on social media. It’s probably true for so many of us.

      I think there’s a lot to be said for breaking our routine and seeing what we discover. I ask these questions because they are the questions I am asking myself!

  3. Good question. I used to be rather attached to routine and found that I missed out on things that I could have enjoyed because of it. One day I made the decision that I would not say no to any invitation or opportunity simply because it was out of my routine or even out of my comfort zone. That has energized me and enriched me in many ways. Thanks for reminding me to do this.

    • What an amazing experiment, Winsombella! I’m very inspired by the challenge you gave to yourself and the way it enriched your life.

  4. Well, I just paused in catching up on my blog reading to watch two baby raccoons climb my neighbor’s tree and settle down for a little afternoon nap, with their two little faces side by side in the crook of the branch. Toooooooo cute.

  5. I find a need a schedule to stay on track, but I’m the master of spontaneous moments of love: I’ll stop and speak to my dogs in a funny voice, slide across and annoy-love (it’s a word) my kids, find Maree and hug her, txt a friend an ‘I love you. It’s being disciplined with a fun button.

  6. Great question for reflection. I’m gearing up for about 5 weeks of travel. I love travel but always return with regrets that I didn’t take full advantage of the opportunity for pleasure, growth etc. As in all experiences it does seem to be the ability of awareness to see and courage to act vs. automatic pilot behavior. Saying that jerks me back into the present moment and how to enjoy it.

  7. I guess I could sit outside this evening, haven’t done that lately. I’m not exactly spontaneous. 🙂

  8. This question is perfect for those who want change yet find it hard to. Now here at work, I’m in the mood of having a good conservation with office-mates. This will gonna be strange but hopefully good. I don’t usually talk to them, I’m the silent type.

  9. It’s foggy here this morning, something we get a lot of in the summer. I think I’ll break routine right now and take some tea out on the patio, and quietly listen to the garden wake up, listen to my heart :~)

  10. Go out with friends and have some fun. I think that would be a good break from our routine. 🙂

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